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Originally Posted by Aerial Ace View Post
omg let it go holy crap its over move on
look at your life look at your choices
Sassy Gay Nick saves the day.

I don't think I've ever posted in one of these before, so might as well. But I honestly think this is one of the best staff teams on any forum I've on. I've been on several forums too so I know how some staff teams can be. While you enforce the rules while you need to , you guys seem very understanding and tolerant. I mean you guys put up with that JustinRPG/ MoltresRider guy for 2 years or so and only recently banned him. I'd probably have a harder time dealing with people like that. While I've always wanted to try modding here, I feel I wouldn't be ready yet. While I probably have the niceness and the understanding down, I'm not sure about the tolerance part of the job. You guys seem to explain well to people what they did wrong and you don't come off intimidating or like a mindless robot like others said. You're all very kind people and you do more than just tell users what to do, you become our friends and get to know the userbase. There's a good amount of mods who I talk to pretty often on here. Thank you PC staff for making such a good team. :]
im back
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