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    You know what though? It's not even that I necessarily think certain mods deserve an infraction or are breaking any rules to my knowledge.

    It's just that in regards to certain posts of mine that have been deleted, certain infractions that I have received for things. Have also been mirrored in the actions of other mods. The very same mods who have reprimanded me, go figure.

    I'm just looking for equality and fairness here. I don't think it's fair to sweep a mod's bad behavior under the rug if you're going to punish a regular member of this forum for doing the same thing. Especially in that particular instance that I mentioned in my report of a mod blatantly antagonizing me in one of my threads for no reason.

    I'm still waiting to hear back on that report by the way. Is the general consensus that I'm a whining *****? Either way I'd love some closure because that whole incident and the way it was handled is still bothering me.

    And for the record I haven't contested every single deleted post, verbal warning or infraction that I've received. I can admit when I think I'm wrong.
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