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Originally Posted by Introvert View Post
I'm just looking for equality and fairness here. I don't think it's fair to sweep a mod's bad behavior under the rug if you're going to punish a regular member of this forum for doing the same thing. Especially in that particular instance that I mentioned in my report of a mod blatantly antagonizing me in one of my threads for no reason.
Know that yes, most mods are good friends. And that this is a positive thing. We work better if we know and like each other. That does not at all mean that we should put on blindfolds if we see another mod acting questionably. So you are right in that part.

You and Bestintheworld have provided feedback on the same crucial points in this thread for many posts now and the conclusion I can draw is that you feel mods should be judged just as any members are. Totally fine! We should be able to take that feedback to heart and make a greater effort to not hand out infractions rashly, and also to not judge a post by the poster but rather by the content. I always assumed it was part of an admin's role to monitor mod behavior, so maybe we can ask them to sharpen their senses a bit in response to these discussions? All to make PC a better place. Important to remember though is that "better" doesn't always mean "stricter". Only more equal.

Now, can we say we're done here? Regarding reports, infractions, personal vendettas - you've been told countless times before to keep that to PMs with admins or relevant mods, so you probably shouldn't keep posting about that here unless you have very general concerns. You don't have to post praise in this thread, of course not! But you should keep your criticism solid, in good tone and be prepared to listen to staff's explanations, not debate the same foggy thing forever. Quoting the rules (maybe unnecessarily, sorry heh) :
Leave any personal grudges, gripes, disagreements, etc, out of this thread. No exceptions.
Do not rant. This thread is meant have a friendly atmosphere, to be constructive and positive in nature. Again, no exceptions.
Feel free to post your opinions here, but they're not meant to be debated amongst yourselves. Go debate in D&D.
Is there anything more you can ask of us in this general matter at hand (Don't Judge A Post/Action By The Poster) or can you accept that staff has heard your criticism and want to improve? I am not trying to suppress or belittle your concerns, I just feel like this has gone on for too long without any relevant conclusions coming from it.

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