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Am I the only one who want to see Serena Or any other girl making an expression like this toward Ash-

A common expression usually made by Tsundere girl .

I just disappointed that Serena act more like a new girl instate of a childhood friend.
Childhood friends has a special relationship and thats what I wanted to see.
But Serena Formal chemistry with Ash is ruining it ! If she going to act like a new girl toward Ash then what is the point of making her a childhood friend .
To think , ''Childhood Friend'' Plot got ruin like this .
I have much better idea regarding ''Childhood Friend''-

Prof Oak is interested in Kalo Pokemon But he can't leave his lad so he sent his best assistant to do the job who happen to be ''Leaf'' . But its could be dangerous So he ask Ash to accompany her Since he & Leaf happen to be Childhood friends .
However Ash & Leaf is in Bad Term ever since an unknown incident took place in their childhood So they been avoiding each other since then .
However They agree to travel with each other after Prof Oak beg them . But they still bicker & argue with each other .
But They will be proven to be a good team since Leaf has Vast knowledge and Ash has Ingenuity .
As They travel together , They slowly start to reconcile the friendship they once had.
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