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    Right now i'm playing: Terraria,Sacred 2 Fallen Angel,Defiance,Harvest Moon Back to Nature, and Final Fantasy VII, all on PS3.

    I'm just getting into Terraria, and really like it so far. I've only been sporadically messing around before today, but tonight i've read a good beginner's guide and am ready to take the plunge.

    Defiance isn't the most polished MMO, and really feels less like an MMO than i'm used to (nowhere near WoW,FFXIV, or even MapleStory). However, it is still pretty fun and engaging when you temper your expectations.....if the critical error message doesn't get you in the middle of a mission.

    I actually haven't beaten FFVII yet, as I bought it used back in the day and the 3rd disc was damaged. Now I have it on PSN and am ready for the experience. I haven't even allowed myself to look at the ending or anything beyond the end of the 2nd disc for all these years.

    Sacred I play pretty much because the game has always resonated with me. I already played hundreds of hours when I used to be on Xbox Live, now i've already put over 150 again.

    I have a 3DS XL coming in the mail, along with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Pokemon X, and am very excited to see what the new (at least new to me) handheld has to offer. I might pick up Etrian Odyssey and that MegaTen game also

    I'm currently playing Pokemon X and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

    I haven't gotten far in Pokemon X yet (my last save was after getting the first badge), as Monster Hunter is just too good to put down! There is a whole world of difference in how well you play in this game,and the subsequent enjoyment of it, when you take your time and study the situation more than what is normally necessary in a game. In the past 24 hours i've put in 11 hours and 15 minutes, i'm that hooked!

    I also downloaded Retro City Rampage DX from the Eshop, but haven't played it yet.

    I always liked Monster Hunter, but i'm really becoming a fan at this point