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Originally Posted by Shadowche View Post
If you were given the chance to fuse two Eeveelutions into one, which would be your pick?

Hmmm, I would fuse Sylveon with Espeon. I really like fairy/psychic type combo. It would be cute and strong. White/pink with Espeon head and Sylveon marks. Espeon eyes are just hypnotizing. :D
Going with Nymphadora here, I definitely think this would be one of the better combinations. I just feel like Sylveon and Espeon really fit each other in all aspects; color, typing, etc. ;D But like with all other combinations I can think of, it's hard to really create a mental picture of it. I reckon the Sylveon part of it would be the most recognizable though, since Sylveon has so many accessories and distinguishable features to make it stand out. I mean dem eyes, haha :p

I also think the Umbreon/Flareon combo could work well, but I feel like Umbreon's black color may be a little too faint to compliment Flareon's flames as it is with Charizard X. But of course that isn't the purpose here, so I still think it could work well :)

A choice of my own would probably be Leafon + Vaporeon, simply because I feel like the colours would clash really well. I feel like both have such distinguishable and deep green and blue colours respectively. It could turn out to be a disaster of a Pokemon, but I still imagine that something beautiful could come out of such a combination :p