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    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: I've loved Dark-types since Umbreon. But I like the mischievous side that they bring, however I think they are over-used by villains. I get why, but I just don't want them to become stereotyped.
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    Answer the current topic:

    Originally Posted by Nymphadora View Post
    There's already a dark-type Eeveelution, but would you guys be okay if they'd introduced another? If so, how would it look? How would Eevee evolve into it?
    I think one Dark-type Eeveelution is enough. Instead of making another Dark-type, I think they should add a different type. I'm not sure how I feel about a dual-typed Eeveelution; traditionally, they've all been mono-typed. The idea of dual-typing doesn't feel right to me. :/
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