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    I really enjoyed gen 5's designs.

    Several people, over the years, have mentioned that there were too many pokemon, many of which were non-creative from generation 5. I disagree completely. It was an excellent reboot with a variety of new designs and styles that cater to those that like the brawny, cute, elegant, regal, or quirky aestetics. I don't think many other generations have pulled this off to this extent, though gen III is darn close.

    I will admit, I have purchased each main series game as soon as I was able to, except gen 4. I loved Ruby, but drifted away from pokemon. I found out 2 years after generation 4 was released that pokemon was still thriving. I played the Diamond and Pearl games, and was excited, did some spriting, but wasn't a total pokemon fan again. But, it was gen 5, which seems like it was revealed just yesterday, that got me completely immersed in the franchise again. So, mission accomplished GF. I'd tie gen V with gen II in most enjoyment.

    My top ten pokemon (there is no way, for this gen in particular, the list could be condensed.)


    1. Lilligant is beautiful/cute/elegant and just one of those pokemon that I never forget as the series adds on new pokemon. Further, the design seems easy and refined, but at second-glance is quite intricate and interesting.

    2. Serperior is my all-time favorite starter. Which makes skipping over him to select lilligant that much more difficult. After seeing "Smugleaf", I knew I had to have one as my starter the first time through. I don't regret either. Definitely a simple design that is also successful at capturing bounds of regal and arrogant personality that really makes Serperior stand out.

    3. Samurott, is my next choice. Not gonna lie, I, at first, HATED Oshawott. After a bit of time, I started to like him, definitely not your generic starter! After finally accepted his cuteness, I was really wondering, what could this thing evolve into? Samurott is just a dream pokemon, by far my favorite water starter. The long whiskets and shell armor really marries fluffy cuteness with total badassness (if that was a word).

    4. Leavanny is tall and elegant, but, definitely still cute. Further, I love the line in its entirety. I though Combee, the derpiest and cutest bug couldn't be topped, but, I just loved the non-generic and innovative bundled leave baby catepillar. Sure, I agree, there are a lot of boring generic catepillar/worm pokemon, but this ain't one of them! Swadloon, is quirky and intriguing as the pupa-state intermittent evolution. I love the draped kimono; it's simple and organic in design. Leavanny maintains the quirks of it's predecessors and somehow is able to be distinct despite being the second mantis pokemon. (Oh, and the bowing gesture! Gotta love it!)

    5. Jellicent is not an obvious or conventional ghost. Though, the concept is actually executed very well. They are ominous floating jellyfish with a subtle (tasteful) Victorian frilly twist. I love the whimsical and romantic appeal of these pokemon. Afterall, the ocean is vast, open, and largely uncharted. Plus, I am all about pokemon based off royalty. One thing is for sure, these guys rule the waters of Unova.

    6. Mandibuzz is by far the most underrated pokemon in gen 5. It's design is badass/adorable, which is my favorite combination. This is a perfect concept for a dark buzzard with the bone pony-tail and battle armor,this is one bulky yet adorable pokemon. That heavy outlined eye brings out the devilish nature of this pokemon. I have to applaud GF on making a, typically, ugly buzzard, and forming a elegant pokemon. (though she is not a softy by any means!)

    7. Whimsicott, God, another grass pokemon. It's TOO cute. I mean, I just want to use one as a pillow. I love when an evolution is able to grow in design while maintain, or in this case, elevate, the degree of cuteness. I am using him in XY, and it's just infectious. I really debated putting him higher on my list. but...I am not a huge fan of Cottonee, though I don't dislike it. Also, this all of these pokemon are top of the line favorites, the smallest of drawbacks are all I have to distinguish them.

    8. Volcarona was a shocker at first. I was like, eww, a moth, but I just love it! It's fluffy and, in it's own respect, beautiful! The color palette, red, orange, dark grey, white, and blue doesn't seem like it would work well, but it only helps strengthen the design. On my team, Volcarona complements my favorite gen 4 pokemon, Vespiquen. I mean, if you love Vespiquen, how can you not love Volcarona. Elegant, formidable, intimidating, and gorgeous.

    9. Liepard is not a favorite because of her fighting abilities, though unfortunate. I just love the design. The purple and yellow patterning, the pink ear-eye mask, with the cyan eyes, is a perfect blend of color. The scythe tail is organic and feminine, with a natural flow. Not to mention, the cute pre evolution that is Purrloin!

    10. Emolga is the only..the only..pikachu clone I not only like, but adore. It's irresistable! Yeah, Zebstrika is damn cool with the black and white zigzag design and luminous mane, but emolga's simplicity, cuteness, and distinction from other pika-clones makes it my number one electric choice for my team.

    So many other pokemon I love missed this list. Just to show how much I really love this generation in comparison to others, in which, the top tens are much easier for me to decide. Hell, I should just add ten more "honorable mentions."
    Honorable mentions:

    Now for legendaries. I am never too big on them. Though, I like how gen 6 has so few (or only released so few) legendaries. They tend to be a bit blah, if there are too many of them.

    I do love my Virizion though. It is right up there with my other favorites such as Suicune, Cresselia, and Xerneus. So elegant and simple.

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