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    Answer a topic: The next Eeveelution I'd be interested in seeing is Poison or Dragon. I actually had a really good idea for Poison, but I am going to check out Nintendo's website to see if they are hiring any creative team employees before sharing the movesets and concept (hehe).

    Some ways for Eevee to evolve into Poison-type:
    1) Reduce happiness below starting happiness (heal with those nasty herbs a lot, or slap it in Pokeaime if it comes back) and level with the Poison status

    2) Level while having both a Poison-type Pokemon and a Pokemon with the Healer ability in the party

    3) Let it hold Poison Barb and teach it Frustration (consumes Poison Barb)

    4) Umbreon is often described as having Toxic sweat for defense... maybe it could be the only Eeveelution to evolve twice! Eevee into Umbreon, into Poison-type. Perhaps a combo of #1 and #3, evolves while poisoned and knows Frustration. A little convoluted, but since Umbreon is my favorite, I recalled that factoid.

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