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    I'm going to give my five cents on this hack.

    First, the good things.
    I like it a lot, in fact. (I'm up to the 8th Gym now.) It has nice sprites, lots of pokemon and a good story line. Also Mega evolutions are a really interesting addition to the game, especially for people who don't have X/Y yet. (God, CharizardX is OP.)

    Then, we are coming to the things that weren't soo great..
    People already pointed it out here, so I come back on it, but... English.. Maybe, try to find a native English person that can change the dialogs for you, I don't know. (For example, for Light Platinum there is a guy that helped to translate it into English.) I got to understand everything, no problem but it really takes some beauty off of this hack. Though sometimes it create funny situations like a guy giving me a BURBASAUR! (When I'll have more time, in a few months, I'd happily correct the errors you made in the text for you, if you want me to help you with it, though I'm not a native.)
    Else, there's very few places to effectively train your pokemon, though this makes the hack a lot harder because of underleveling (Which isn't to bad in fact, and makes fights interesting until haxorus begins to destroy everything with outrage.)
    Obvious things like no pokeball in the beginning don't hurt to bad.

    Nevetheless I'm really enjoying it !

    PS: Does the Day/Night system work?
    Else I'd be really mad at you because I used 300000 bucks to pump my Evee with iron/zinc/HP plus to make it a super Umbreon... (For now it's Day, so it can only become Espeon T_T.)

    EDIT: Got it fixed. Strangely enough Eevee evovles into Umbreon during daytime and in Espeon during the night on my save. (That's why I wasn't getting it.)
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