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Alright guys, I got an accouncement to make:

On Monday, the 10th of March, all the people in this RP that show no sign of activity by posting in the OOC thread at least ONCE after I post this notice, will be REMOVED FOR INACTIVITY.

I know I have been away for a month, but I've been back for almost TWO weeks now and I haven't seen signs of activity from at least half of you .-.

Following the removal of the inactives, this RP will be reduced to 10 slots, with the possibility of getting extended to 15, should the removed ones claim their spot back by Sunday, the 16th of March. (If more than 10 people are active, the RP's gonna get reduced to the number of active people.)

On another note: Janp, I am not satisfied with your level of English and this is why I took the liberty of voiding your SU and IC post and of not adding your character to the characters list. There's simply TOO many grammar and spelling issues there.

There's still 2 unclaimed spots in this RP, free for the taking. Please make sure to write to the best of your ability, as I am much more likely to accept well written sign-ups than one with lots of errors.

And for all the active people, don't forget to add your teams info on thePad that's conveniently posted under the characters list, in the first post.

Thank you!

P.S. Johto Mysteries is NOT starting over. We've already picked up where we left of .-.
I have NO IDEA how this silly rumour that we were staring over spread .-.

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