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    Its not like i said your sig was totally shameful. -.- I can understand why young people (YOUR 16?!) like well people like putting cute lil sprites in their sigs for the sake of putting cute lil sprites in their sigs. I for one doesnt like that kind of stuff since it makes sigs look ugly and it makes the community look a lot childish that normal. I just hope i didnt come out of the curtains TOO bad for you. >X Apologize for any seizures i couldve commited. And for The Great Saiyaman, the staff arent the whole forum's government. ANd plus, what i said is probaly what goes around in some peoples mind at time to time. So please mind what you say about people that arent staff. We are not plastic crap typing on keyboards thank you Now i think no one else should post in this thread unless you are on topic about faking pointers you can write down. Most of it is already put down so yeah. Peace, kapeesh? XD
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