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Originally Posted by Couriway View Post
I'm leaving... I've had a really bad week and someone here at PC comes and makes it worse... I'm sorry but I'm not in the state to stay here anymore. I'll be on a really long hiatus, I guess. Bye!
Awww that totally sucks... you were a nice guy and it was sad to see it end like this, but I did hear you were fighting with another supporter over the theme collab so I guess taking a break might help you calm down, but don't go away for too long Atif, because we'll miss ya!

Originally Posted by Aeroblast View Post
My grades have taken a hit so I need to focus on my academics. I won't be here until spring break starts. (which is 17th)

I have also not been in a good mood because my 83 year old grandmother is currently fatally ill - I saw her in skype and boy... don't know what to say.
I feel so sorry for you bud... family illnesses always hit us hard, even worse if the sufferer dies because you'd be mourning really hard, and of course school also comes first. Good luck bud, and do return soon okay? Your friends love you after all, and I wish you all the best with the situation.

- Hikari
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