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    I have an idea for a time.. "Rise of Communism"

    Era Types: Dark, Fighting, Fire, Ground, Normal, Poison, Electric

    If you can, use a Pokemon that can learn moves that represent the Hammer, Sickle, and Red Star. Ursaring, Beartic, and Pangoro may also be used as bears are symbolic of the Russian people.
    Avoid Pokemon associated with enemies of Mother Russia, including money (like Meowth [Greed] and Sharpedo [Loan sharks]), our American adversaries (like Snorlax, Slaking, and Braviary), and the Czar (any Pokemon associated with royalty and the bourgeoisie, such as Honchkrow, Pyroar etc.), and any Pig-like Pokemon ("Capitalist pigs" Primeape, Mamoswine, Emboar)

    Banned Types: Fairy, Dragon, Ghost, Psychic, Grass, Bug

    Era Rules: You must NEVER use the Poke Mart (unless you need TMs), as it represents the tyranny of capitalism! However... Other stores, those are run by working class comrades, are the only places you may buy from or sell to. Also.. NO HM SLAVES!
    Johto game rules: Once you reach Kanto, you may Rock(excluding fossils), Ice (excluding Swinub line and Delibird), and Steel-types.
    (Optional Rules: "Stalin Mode; Add two non-banned types to the list, because Russia has entered World War II! Also, churches are open for wartime, so any "Holy" Pokemon may be used (but still no Legendaries)."
    "Gorbachev Mode; You may use ONE Pokemon associated with our old enemies and ONE banned type during this period of Glasnost! And buy whatever you'd like, the market is free!")

    If you accept this as a Time, I will take the challenge.
    Username: Digimon Kaiser
    Game: Soul Silver (or Sapphire if my Rise of Communism is not accepted)
    Era: Rise of Communism ( or The Pirate Golden Age if RoC is not accepted)
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