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    Username: blademaa
    Game: Emerald
    Era: Time Rift

    I do have a question though, and I'd like it if you could PM it the answer to me. Anyways, this is regarding the types that are allowed. What about the Starters? Do they not fall under the typing ban, or do they? Also, for the Lost rule, do you get to pick an Era in the beginning before you go to a gym, or no?Those are all my questions. I'll leave a Log of what I have done every day, along with a link to a video of it that I will be recording for Youtube. I will be using the Pokemon Emerald ROM since I no longer own a gameboy to play it on. Plus, this will help you legitimize my team and Era rules.

    I'd also like to make a Era recommendation.

    Great Depression Era:
    Era Types: BugIC.gifGroundIC.gifNormalIC.gifPoisonIC.gif
    Kanto: Venomoth or Venonat
    Johto: Koffing, Weezing, Grimer, or Muk
    Hoenn: Linoone or a pokemon with Pick-up
    Sinnoh: Croagunk or Toxicroak
    Unova: Trubbish
    Kalos: Furfrou (No styling allowed. Must remain the same style throughout.)
    Banned: Electric, Psychic, Fairy, Dragon, Dark.
    Era Rules: You must follow the first two rules, and choose a bonus rule at the bottom.
    >Stock Market Crash: You may only purchase lower-grade items. Period. You may NOT sell any items until you have gotten the 4th Gym Badge.
    >The Dust Bowl: One of your pokemon must learn Sandstorm.
    >>The New Deal: The New Deal has been put in place, and the CCC has just been authorized. You may pick any one banned type and use it after you obtain the 2nd Badge. You must have one pokemon remain at the Evolution you get it at, and that pokemon must be, at most, 5 levels higher than any other Pokemon on your team.
    >>WWII Industrial Boom: The Great Depression has just hit a turning point. Electric-Types are now authorized for use. Also, you must have one Pokemon that can learn a Projectile-move (Fling, Bullet Seed, Razor Leaf, Rollout, Rockblast, etc.).

    Johto Game Rule: The Odd One Out: Looks like you are a cut above the rest. Once you can access Kanto, you may use Dragon-Types. Also, your Youngest Pokemon has just retired. You are now allowed to evolve the pokemon that you used for the New Deal Rule (If you chose to.).

    To get to the trade shop, click Electivire. For my Trade Reviews page, click Kingdra.

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