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Hi hi
I'm alot online even though I don't have Internet XD I use my friend's computer but I can't do that for alot 'cause that would be rude XD
But I just had to get on net today 'cause I wanted to see new pics from the Drew-episode (Ash was so much otter than Drew). It seems like great one, I would like to watch that but my computer doesn't play my Pokemon videos anymore *cries and screams* Why this happens to me! I want to watch Winona Gym episode, but I can't! I mis hot Ash moments!

Awww, I'm so happy to see all these posts

Originally Posted by dpkuro
Hamina hamina hamina.......YOU CAN'T GO PEACH!!! WHO WOULD GIVE ME LOVE ADVICE???? *clings to her arms* You can't go! *cries like heck*
Don't be sad dpkuro! I still check my PMs and you can send me email ( I still give love advice to you XD

Originally Posted by totodile
We have the same taste in movies music and guys. XD
We have XD

Originally Posted by Pokemon_Veteran
Well it is good to see ya again *hugs again*. Can't wait till you get you net back

I can't wait that either XD *hugs you*

Okay, see ya ^_________________^

Note: I still read my email and PMs, so you can send message if you have something to say (or if you just miss me)!

Note 2: Why I make notes?

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