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    No. I think what’s hampering Serena as a character is that the show simply refuses to use her in any interesting way, unless absolutely forced to - i.e. her two focus episodes, and even then she’s had the climax of them both taken away from her. The result is that she comes across as a female Takeshi in her general inactivity - except at least Takeshi provided an essential service to the group, if not to the show as a whole (... and really, if Takeshi looks more active than you there’s a problem).

    While I can fully agree with the common criticism of Serena’s inactivity amongst fans, I think Amourshipping is often unfairly used as a scapegoat for it, as if Serena would have been more active and empowered without it (there's really no evidence of that). It hasn’t been a significant feature of an episode or Serena’s character since XY007 and since then her main human relationship in the cast has been with Eureka, not Satoshi. Even when it did show up in the latest episode, the main point of XY021 was Serena and Fokko, with the two hints - Serena’s reaction when she though Satoshi called Elle “cute”; her asking him about the Pokevision video at the end - pretty inconsequential to the episode. And given what series this is, I honestly don’t worry about it developing into anything more than what it is now (Satoshi’s never going to notice, and Serena doesn’t seem interested in changing the status quo between them, so there’s nowhere else for it to go - especially since the latter will be written off in 2-3 years time).

    As far as Amourshipping itself goes, I like it. It doesn’t rank as high as some of my other Satoshi ships (Abilityshipping, Morpheusshipping, Comashipping, Pearlshipping... poor Satoshi’s kind of my “shipping bicycle” :p), but it gives Satoshi a chance to showcase his tendency to be hopelessly, frustratingly oblivious to all things concerning romance, which is one of his more entertaining character traits. I do think the show could do more to develop Satoshi and Serena’s interactions outside of that, though.
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