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6th Gen Friend Code Sharing Thread
Grab your Friend Code (found in 3DS Home, at the top center, click on the orange smilie face icon) and exchange them with other members to make use of X/Y's Friend Safari and O-Power features, as well as play with other people who have Pokemon X&Y and/or Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

This thread is now for exchanging 3DS Friend Codes for both X/Y and ORAS. This thread is NOT for sharing Super Secret Base QR codes. There is a stickied thread for that in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire section here. If you are here for Friend Safari purposes, please read the information below.

*You should actively seek out folks and politely send them a private/visitor message. Make use of this thread to fill up that Safari list!

*Note that you can only have 100 friends on your 3DS. What you can do to not reach your limit is add each other, you check what's in the safari, and have the other person delete you. Provided that you do not delete them too, you will still have their cool safari. This should work and save on space.

— Remember that actual trading belongs in the Trade Corner section.
Click here to join the live trading chatroom.

— Remember that actual battling belongs in the Quick Battle thread of the Battling and Team-Building section. Click here to join the live battling server chatroom.

— You're freely allowed to submit your Friend Code here, but please note that they won't be listed in the main post.

Thanks to TwlightBlade for CSS and creation of the old Friend Safari form, and Guy for writing the original FC Sharing thread.