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    I got Vapoureon first actually... It looks the most elegant and graceful. Plus I always liked water types more than electric or fire, psychic or dark (I played GSC as my first game). Plus Vapoureon has the most average in stats which back then I thought was a good thing. I was like "what... swift does barely anything for Espeon" so it's no good... Umbreon can't do much damage with whatever move so i thought that it sucked either... Flareon is good but always have to get hit first if the opponent happens to be "high level" so it's not a good thing (plus i hated fire). Jolteon has major defense problems if i missed Thunder plus it looks like some screwed-up porcupine so i didn't choose it either... that leaves Vapoureon who can attack, and won't lose much of anything too if the opponent hit me once ;

    But that's a LONG time ago...
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