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    Chapter 2

    Ash, Misty, and Officer Jenny immediately headed off to their first destination of their journey, Vermilion City. They stopped at the pokemon center.

    Is this the place where we meet the team? Ash asked.

    That is correct, Jenny replied.

    They entered the pokemon center. They soon see Brock, accompanied by Officer Jennys colleague, holding Nurse Joys hands in a gentle manner. It wasnt a surprise to Ash and Misty that Brock would dash to pretty women straight away just to flirt with them. Fate mustve brought me here to you, Brock said in a dreamy tone. After I have completed my task with my companions, we can spend the rest of our lives together.

    The nurse became shocked and confused of what Brock was saying. Suddenly, a hand tugged Brocks ear, making him whimper in pain and pulling him away from her. You can spend the rest of your life alone if you dont quit that, Misty said with a frown.

    You may go now, Jonathon, Jenny said.

    Yes madam, her colleague replied, leaving the center.

    Now, Mr. Ketchum, Jenny said. The team should be arriving

    Suddenly a sound of a motorcycle came from outside of the pokemon center. Ah, theyre here now, she finished.

    A medium built man with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, red jeacket and brown hair walked in. Well, well, he said as he looked at Ash. You must be the famous Ash Ketchum.

    Mr. Ketchum, Officer Jenny said. Meet detective Stevens. Famous for solving the most trickiest and most difficult cases.

    Pleased to meet you, Ash said as he and Stevens shook hands.

    Same here, Stevens replied.

    Wait a minute, is that all you have? Ash asked, realising that there wasnt much people here.

    Oh great. Whats there to worry about? Stevens muttered as he turned his head round and called out his other companions. Jesse, James, Meowth! he shouted. Get in here! Now!

    What!? Ash cried in shock. Team Rocket?

    Correction, Stevens replied with a smile. Former Team Rocket.

    Oh yeah, Ash said as he remembered that Team Rocket no longer existed.

    A year ago, a Team Rocket executive named William Mane took over the criminal organisation after he double-crossed on his boss, Giovanni. Giovanni was found by the police and was put in prison. Mane took over the organisation as the new leader of Team Rocket, later to be named Team Missile. It took a while for Jesse, James and Meowth to discover the change of the organisations name and was soon kicked out after a long absence. The former Team Rocket trio explained the locations to the Team Missile to the police. But for some reason, the police wasnt able to find any, thus they put the trio in jail and sentenced them to do community service. But Stevens found some use for them and decided to make the trio his assistants.

    The former Team Rocket trio entered the center, looking down in shame.

    Its not fair, sir, Jesse moaned. Why do we have to go on this mission with those twerps.

    I see that you guys have already met, Stevens said.

    Know them? Ash replied. They tried to steal Pikachu so many times but they keep on failing.

    Pika! Pikachu cried, not liking the look of that trio.

    Dont worry, Ash, Stevens said. They know that Team Rocket no longer exists and Ive made a deal with them that if this mission comes to a successful conclusion, they will go free and get a handsome fortune.

    Well, Ash replied suspiciously. As long as they dont double-cross us, its okay.

    After saying that, Misty finished getting Brock to come his senses. They walked over and they were also shocked when they saw the former Team Rocket trio. What? Misty cried. Team Rocket? Werent they history?

    Let me explain, Stevens said.

    But before he could, a huge explosion was heard from outside. Who caused that explosion? Jenny asked.

    Lets find out, Ash said.

    The team ran out of the pokemon center and saw three men in dark clothing ordering their pokemon, Houndoom, Linoone and Fearow, to cause havoc around the Vermilion City port where the S.S Anne was.

    We got to stop them! Ash yelled. Pikachu, go!

    Pikachu leapt from Ashs shoulder and let out a loud scream while shooting out his electric attack. PikaCHUUUUUUUUU!

    The attack hit Linoone, knocking it down. The three men turned around and saw the team that was attacking them. One of them had grey spiky hair and serious looking eyes, the second man had long green hair and calm looking eyes, the third one was about six-foot seven and bald.

    Dont disturb us! shouted the man with the spiky hair. Who do you think you are? Not that we care!

    Who are you to cause damage to public locations? Jenny yelled back in reply. Im placing you three under arrest!

    I think not, officer! said the big man with a deep voice You have no clue who youre dealing with.

    He turned his attention to his pokemon. Houndoom! he yelled. Flamethrower attack!

    A Houndoom jumped and shot out a huge lick of flame at Pikachu who dodged out of the way.

    Ash cant do this on his own! Misty yelled as she took out her pokeball. Corsola, Go!

    She tossed her pokeball out and out came Corsola. Corsola! she cried.
    Corsola! Misty yelled. Spike Cannon!

    Corsola glowed vigorously as she shot out multiple spikes out of her horns. But the opposition easily dodged each incoming attack.

    Houndoom, shouted the big man. Counter Spike Cannon with your Flamethrower!

    Houndoom shot out a lick of flame at the incoming spikes, wiping them out.

    Now, Linoone! shouted the green haired man. Headbutt attack!

    Linoone leapt at Corsola and headbutted her in the face, causing major damage.

    This isnt right! Brock said. Corsola is a rock type, which has strong resistance against normal attacks like Headbutt! Unless
    Stop talking! Stevens complained. Im the detective, but now is not the time to investigate pokemon statistics!

    Stevens picked out a pokeball and tossed it out. Go! Quicksilver!

    A tall green insect with large scythes on each foreleg was let loose out of the pokeball. Scyther Scy! it cried.
    Quicksilver, Stevens yelled. Double Edge attack!

    Quicksilver leapt into the air and dived his head directly at Houndoom. The attack connected with Houndooms midsection, sending him flying into his trainer.

    One down! Stevens said as he then turned to his other cohorts. Jesse, James, Meowth! Why arent you doing anything?
    We dont help twerps, James said nervously. Youre not a twerp, oh no, but
    You two either send out your pokemon now, or itll be more hours of community service for you! Stevens threatened.
    Yes, sir! Jesse said in a scared tone.

    She tossed out her pokeball and out popped Wobbuffet as he placed his paw on his head in saluting manner. Wobbuffet! he cried.

    Linoone! yelled the green haired man. Tackle attack!

    Linoone leapt forward and aimed his head at Pikachu, but Wobbuffet landed in front of Pikachu. Wobbuffet! Jesse cried. Counter!

    Wobbuffet summoned up his psychic powers to bounce Linoone back and send him flying. Linoone landed heavily on his trainer thanks to the attack. Pikachu and Wobbuffet celebrated by slapping each others paw (Or as people call it, a high-five).

    Two down! Stevens yelled. One to go!

    Why dont you just give up? Misty yelled. We knocked out two pokemon and youre the only trainer standing.
    Never! shouted the grey haired man. We have orders from our boss to destroy this ship to stop you getting to the Orre region!
    Dont tell them the plan! shouted the green haired man.
    So thats it! Stevens said. You boys must be working for Team Dark!

    His team-mates were more surprised about Stevens quick thinking than discovering where their enemies came from. How did you work out where they come from so quickly? Jenny asked.

    A detectives natural instinct, Stevens replied.
    Now lets finish them off! Ash yelled.
    You got that right! Misty yelled in agreement.


    They both shouted the same attack together in unison, Tackle attack!

    Pikachu and Corsola aimed their attacks on Fearow, who had no clue how to counter two attacks. The attacks connected and Fearow was sent flying back to his trainer. Theyre done now! Ash shouted. Pikachu! Thunder attack!

    Pikachu leapt into the air and was about to unleash his attack, when suddenly

    As the posh people would say, allow us! said a low, croaky voice. Okay, boys! Dynamic Punch attack!

    A shadowy figure jumped out of nowhere and tossed out six pokeballs, much to Ash and Pikachus surprise. A Tyranitar, a Feraligatr, a Nidoing, a Salamence, a Metagross and a Blaziken came out of their pokeballs and gave their targets, the Team Dark grunts, their devastating attacks and sent them airborne until they were out of sight.

    The man landed on his feet, so did the pokemon. He had black leather clothing, bandanna, beard and sunglasses. It has been a long time, kids, he said.

    Ash and the rest of the team recognised the man straight away and gasped in shock, apart from Officer Jenny who knew that this man would come
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