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    Name: Anahita Z. Firenze

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Epithet/Nickname: (The) Beast

    Appearance: Firenze has long, fiery red hair that somehow manages to look vibrant while being a mess, and raggedy bangs cover her emerald green eyes. She stands at 5'9", rather tall for a girl, and is reasonably well muscled with a nice, dark tan from living in a desertous region. She can almost always be seen wearing shorts, knee-high socks, black boots, and long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, unless the weather is frigid. Also constantly on hand are her large shoulder bag holding her brushes, pencils, paints, parchment, and other art materials and a small pouch that attaches to her belt and holds her brass knuckles and any money she acquires.

    Personality: It doesn't take a lot to get Firenze excited, as long as it relates to something she's interested in; and once she becomes excited, it doesn't take long for her to reach a point where she's practically bouncing off the walls. She won't stand for any of her friends being hurt. If anyone were to even attempt to harm those she cares about, she'd retaliate fiercely. If protecting her friends would mean sacrificing herself, she'd do it without a second thought. She can read others emotions quite easily and she is quick to try to cheer up those who seem to be feeling down. Despite how empathetic she is, she can be surprisingly oblivious about some things; for example, when someone wants to be left alone, she'll often completely overlook this.

    Firenze welcomes change, as long as it doesn't hinder her goals. Fixated plans bore her, so when a plan with many unpredictable outcomes comes along, she tends to go with it easily enough. While she can be very flexible, she can also be incredibly stubborn. Once she sets her mind on something, nothing will be able to sway her determination.

    Firenze loves meeting and talking to new people, even if that person isn't particularly sociable. When someone turns down her friendly approaches, she is undeterred and will continue on until she is either forced to give up, or she finally breaks through. She is quick to trust anyone who seems to be a good person, even if she's only just met them. If this trust is ever broken, then as long as the offender manages to prove themselves to her, she will never trust them again. While she is quick to trust most strangers, her strong sense of intuition often warns her off from the wrong individuals. She follows her instinct when it comes to most things, including who she decides to talk to, who is dangerous, and what action she takes. When she makes a decision, it usually has very little to do with logical thought; in fact, she rarely gives what she does much thought at all. She is quick to embrace anything abnormal and enjoys a good adventure every now and then - or even everyday, if possible. She can't stand sitting around doing nothing and is always in search of some kind of entertainment, which often ends her up in trouble.

    History: Firenze was raised in a small village in the North Blue. The area surrounding the village was barren and void of life, thus their survival depending largely on trade. Firenze's parents were simple potters, living a rather dull and bland life. When Firenze discovered her passion for art, she was soon working alongside her parents, her job being to decorate the pottery they made. While Firenze was glad to be of help to her family, such a life could not satisfy her.

    At the young age of 7, Firenze took to wandering about the barren island the village was situated on. There wasn't much of interest to explore, with nothing but lengths of dusty hills and very little wildlife, but she made do with what she had. When she returned home in the evenings, she would often bring little trinkets she had found. These "treasures" she would keep hidden from her parents, who were disapproving of her escapades. When she wasn't out exploring, Firenze could be found in the bookstore, flipping through the small collection of books that held tales of other lands.

    A few weeks after Firenze started these little daily adventures, she discovered a small hut hidden away in a cleft in a hill. The occupant of the hut was seated outside in a rickety old chair, his head lolling to the side as he dozed. The girl recognized him as the local outcast and rumored former pirate: a man named Hophin Slean who was getting on in years.

    Firenze had often been warned to stay away from Slean, but she was highly curious as to how such a feeble looking old man could ever have been a pirate. So, while Slean slept, she got it into her mind to sneak into his house and search for clues of his past escapades. After turning the house upside down in her search, she finally came upon the prize she had been searching for; a pair of double bladed spiked brass knuckles, carefully placed in a small box under the bed. It was at this moment that Slean came in and found her on the floor, the box in her lap and her hands reaching for the prize within. She didn't get the chance to even touch them, however, as the man snatched the box up and stowed it away once again. He didn't, however, demand that she leave as she had expected. Instead, he invited her to stay for a cup of tea and offered to tell her the stories of his adventures, quickly confirming to Firenze that he had indeed been a pirate once upon a time.

    After that day, Firenze returned to Slean's hut every day, often bringing her paints and canvas with her so that she could attempt to paint pictures of the places he described to her. It was all for naught, however; though her skill for art was great, she had never seen any of these things for herself, and thus trying to create an image of them was impossible for her. It was then that she determined that one day, she would travel around the world on her own adventure and all of these spectacular places for herself. Slean encouraged this dream of hers, and eventually began teaching her martial arts.

    As the years went by, and Firenze got older, she began coming home later and later each day. Her parents would worry over where she got the bruises and cuts she sometimes acquired during training, but she would only brush them off. After all, if they were already trying to confine her to the village. If they found out she was learning to fight so she could one day set out to sea, they'd probably rally the rest of the village into raiding Slean's home. Thus, the years came and went, Firenze learning more and more each day.

    Firenze was around 17 when they discovered that she had an uncanny sense of intuition when it came to fighting, and she always seemed to know when someone was near. Unfortunately, Slean didn't really have anything much he could teach her about this since he didn't really understand it himself.

    Firenze received the news of Morris D. Rallo's death through a crew of pirates stopping by on their way to the Grand Line. She decided that this beginning of a new age was the right time for her to begin her own adventure. Late that night, she packed her things and sneaked out of the house, leaving a note of farewell for her parents; they'd only try to stop her if she woke them up, after all. She went first to Slean's house, not wanting to leave her mentor without informing him of her decision. Before she left, Slean presented to her the brass knuckles that had captivated her attention on the day she met him, and which she had not seen since; his only possession left from his days as a pirate. She took this gift gratefully and returned to the village. The pirate ship had not yet left, and it was this ship that Firenze stowed away on. The next day, she was sailing for the Grand Line.

    Devil Fruit/Equipment/Weapon:
    Double Bladed Spiked Brass Knuckles- These brass knuckles have 1 1/2 in. blades sticking out from either side of the fist, and 1/2 in. spikes protruding from each knuckle.

    Intuition- While intuition isn't exactly a weapon, it may as well be to Firenze. She is often able to predict what an opponent is going to before they do it, though she's noticed that unless she's really focusing on it, this doesn't always work. It's also nearly impossible to sneak up on her, as she always seems to know when someone is nearby, even if she can't see or hear them.

    Goal/Dream: Firenze wishes to visit and paint as many landscapes and places full of beauty and life as possible to make up for the rather barren and dull wasteland she lived in for most of her life. Eventually, she'd like to put all of her paintings together in a gallery, and a little fame along the way wouldn't hurt.

    Other/Quirks: Firenze loves anything that is vibrant and beautiful and will collect many such items, even if they are incredibly expensive and/or useless.

    Current Bounty: None

    Theme Song:
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