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Originally Posted by saromez View Post
oh, one more. Pikachu card, almost mint condition, it has gold cheeks when it's supposed to have red ones I think. I don't know what set it's from though because it's a 1995, 96, 98 card so it doesn't have a symbol. thx in advance.
Actually, the red ones are the error version of the Base Set Pikachu. And not having a set symbol typically means it's a Base Set card.

Originally Posted by Nazrak View Post
Hello, I have a Deoxys 25/146 Defense Forme card, yet is has a misprint. Instead of Defense forme, it says attack forme. Lightly Played Condition.
Set please. I'm not aware of any Deoxys errors, and it appears none are confirmed to exist in the community. Sounds like it might be a fake.

Would you mind uploading a picture of the card as an attachment to your next post in this thread?
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