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Okay, I am going to be taking my computer in to get fixed tomorrow so expect my activity to drop drastically for a few weeks. For those wondering why, you may have heard that in recent weeks I have been suffering shutdowns caused by overheating, and that causes major disruption.

Given how rude and selfish my brother is, it's very likely he won't lend his computer to me and while I did use my mother's computer to check PC on the previous occasion this event happened, the problem is that since my last incident she has become a staff member of her own Facebook group and she'll likely be extremely dedicated to that, in fact to the point she'll likely never give me a turn. My last resort has to be relying on an internet cafe or a library if I have any chance of being able to get on PC, and those may not always be available.

Also, for battle server regulars, I won't be getting on the server for the duration of the time my computer is in repairs so expect me to not show up there for a while. I think my hiatus will last around 2-3 weeks like the last time the same problem happened, and as expected I will also be invisible during this time.

Yeah, I know I'm gonna be facing spending entire days with no activity but I'm sure I can return soon and get my activity back on track! Love you guys <33

- Hikamaru

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