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    I want to start off by saying I just created an account just to comment in this particular game. I quit playing Pokemon like a decade ago (last game I played of Pokemon being Ruby) because I always was complaining how the game was easy and the story being linear (start with a starter, beat gyms and become champion); Not even the new Pokemon from the sequels could keep me going buying another game.

    I always envisioned how a Pokemon game would look like if everything was loss, the world was in chaos and it was just me and Sneasel (being my favorite Pokemon). You started has an unknown individual (in some forest) and has you progress in the story you have flashback of who you are, what happened to you and eventually why the world came to be. It was hardcore story including death of main characters, it was basically a M-Rated game if it ever got release has an video game (wrote the whole story years ago in a journal, I probably still have the journal somewhere). Anyway, got somewhat off track there, got this e-mail with an old friend (who stills plays Pokemon) sending me to this forum and telling me (your envisioned of Pokemon comes true!!).

    Nonetheless I try the game after 2 weeks I got the e-mail since I really couldn't believe someone would have something close to my ideal... Nothing close to my ideal but damn enjoyable.

    The game isn't easy, I had to retry about 17 times to finally beat the 1st Gym, there was even 1 time a random battle from a fisherman with a Lv. 10 Goldeen wipe my team out with supersonic lol. The structure of the game (Triggering events to catch certain Pokemon is something I never seen) is done so well I can't believe this is fan-made. The soundtrack is top class, hearing it reminds me of my days back in Pokemon Crystal. The story has me hook so far, I really want to see where you guys take this. When I saw my Budew evolve to Roselia I seriously flip out lol. All these new Pokemon I don't know about, a little research could fix that but I want to feel the game fresh so I probably do that when I finish the whole game. I better encounter Sneasel soon....or we got problems :D. The game is hard, interesting story, and outstanding soundtrack what more I can ask.

    I'm aware the game is still unfinished so I hope you guys keep giving you all on working on it especially that story....I want to see where you guys are going to take it; I can't believe I'm back playing Pokemon after 10 years. I like to said thank you for reviving my young with Pokemon.

    PS I'm about to fight the 2nd Gym
    Team being: Panpour Lv.22 , Roselia Lv.22 , Noibat Lv. 22 , Braixen Lv.25 (I'm closing my fingers that Noibat evolves soon; same with Panpour)

    PSS I seem to be encountering some Frame Drops problem when I'm in a certain spot of the map (the game lags), IDK if it's my PC or game.
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