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Hey, do you like Dir en grey? Then this is the club for you! Dir en grey is a j-rock band, and one of my favorites! I love Marmalade Chainsaw! So join if you like!

Voice kyo
Guitar kaoru
Guitar Die
Bass Toshiya
Drums Shinya

Dir en grey was formed in 1997.
In 1999, their fame caught the attention of then CEO of East West Japan. Thus signing them to a major record label. They debuted releasing 3 singles at once, very rare for a newcomer.
Of course, all 3 songs hit the top 10 on the charts.After that, all their releases would hit the top 10 on the charts proving that more and more people were sympathizing with their lyrics.
In 2002, their fame hit all of Asia. During their Asia Tour they traveled to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. And in Shanghai, public safety officers had to be called in to calm the excited fans.

VULGAR 2003.9.10
six Ugly 2002.7.31
鬼葬 2002.1.30
MACABRE 2000.9.20
GAUZE 1999.7.28
MISSA 1997.7.25




Official Website in english and Japanese!

Shuichi - x - Yuki

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