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    Episode 2: Now entering the Orre Region

    Chapter 1

    It was very early in the morning as everyone in the group were getting ready to get on the ship that was about to travel to the Orre Region.

    After they set sail, they decided to browse around the ship since it would only take a couple of hours to get to their location. Black Jack leaned on the rails as he observed the beautiful sea. On the back of his mind, he remembered the time of how much his niece wanted to be with him for his new journey.


    Black Jack was relaxing at the backyard of a mansion, which belonged to John, his brother. The mansion was near Goldenrod City of the Johto region. John was a very rich man and owned his part of the company called Burgcorp, which created different types of electronic products for pokemon. Recently, John and his wife, Sandra had been away on business a lot, meaning that their daughter, Alice, was alone a lot. But since her uncle Black Jack was there, she would never be alone. But at that moment, she was taking a nap in her bedroom.

    Black Jack had a bottle of beer next to him. He sat up and drank a small portion of his favourite drink. While he was minding his own business, he heard a man calling his name. Excuse me, Mr. Black Jack, he said in a posh accent. You have a visitor.

    Black Jack looked over his shoulder and saw two people. One of them was bald, middle-aged man wearing a tuxedo. It was obvious to Black Jack that that was his brothers butler. The other was a woman dressed in a police uniform, she had mixed green and blue hair tied in a small ponytail. Officer Jenny? Black Jack said in a confused tone. What do you want?

    Inside the sitting room of the mansion, Jenny explained the situation to him concerning the Orre Region and asked if he could go with her since he was one of the strongest pokemon masters. She also promised him that he would meet tough trainers.

    Black Jack gave it some thought. Fine, Ill go, he said in a low tone. But if this is going to be a waste of my time, dont come to me again, ya hear?
    Can I come? asked a girls voice.

    A little girl walked in the sitting room carrying a cuddly toy. She was wearing pink pyjamas and was being followed by Teddiursa and Eevee, both which belonged to her. Black Jack forced a small smile. Like the police lady said, Alice, he replied, knowing that she had been hearing to their conversation. Its a bit rough out there.

    Alice looked down feeling rejected, knowing what her uncle meant. Oh, she said back as she sadly walked back to her room.

    Officer Jenny stood up. Thank you for your co-operation and your acceptance to our request, Mr. Black Jack, she said. Meet us in Vermillion City in five days time, we will then set off for the Orre region the following day.
    Gotcha, Black Jack replied in a down tone, knowing how sad Alice was feeling, and that made him feel bad about it.

    As Officer Jenny made her way out, Black Jack made his way to Alices room. As he came close to the door, he heard soft crying from the other side of the door. He opened it and saw her niece lying on her bed, crying tears on her pillow. Her Teddiursa and Eevee were trying to comfort her but as they saw Black Jack by the door, they moved slightly out of the way as he came over to her.

    Alice, he said in a concerned tone as he placed his hand on her shoulder. Why the sad face?
    U-Uncle, go away, Alice sobbed. I dont want you to see me cry.
    Ive seen you cry once about having to let go of some of your friends.

    Alice teary eyes widened upon hearing that. You know about that?
    Yeah, Black Jack replied as he got up and walked over to her desk, which had small cuddly toys and a beautiful music box. When he opened up a nearby musical box, it played a small chiming tune and a small plastic doll wearing a ballet outfit spinning slowly. Maybe this will calm you down while I talk to you, he said.

    Alice sat up on her bed as she wiped away her tears while Black Jack sat next to her and placed his hand on her back.

    Youre worried about not seeing me again, huh? he asked.
    Mm-hm, Alice replied sadly as she nodded.

    Black Jack started his comforting lecture.

    Alice, I know what its like to let go of your friends, even with the knowledge that you may not see them again. But you know, letting go of them is one of the bravest things you would ever have to do.

    He looked at his loved one and smiled. It seems to be me that youre as brave as me, kid, he said. Let me give you one advice, as long as you keep them inside of your heart and mind, theyll never go away.

    Alice looked and forced a small smile, but that didnt fool Black Jack one bit, as he knew how sad she was feeling.

    Alice, dont worry, he said in an assuring tone. After Im done doing this thing, Im gonna be coming back here anyway.
    Promise, uncle? Alice asked in a hopeful tone, as she held her little finger out in a shape of a small hook. Cos I heard that you would take me to the park with Little Sis and Big Brother.

    Eevee, who was nicknamed Little Sis, and Teddiursa, nicknamed as Big Brother, leapt happily in small jumps upon hearing that.

    Black Jack let out a small laugh. This promise will never be broken, he said as he hooked his little finger onto hers.

    The following day, Black Jack was about to leave the mansion for his mission, with the butler accompanying him out of the mansion. I wish John and Sandra were here, he said. But its a good thing I said goodbye to them yesterday on the phone.

    He turned to look at the butler who was standing quite near him. Take good care of Alice and her pokemon, okay? Black Jack asked.
    I will, sir, the butler replied as he bowed slightly to him.
    Uncle, wait! cried a voice.

    Black Jack and the butler looked at the voices direction and it turned out to be Alice calling for Black Jacks attention. I have something made especially for you, she said as she held out a wristband made out of flowers and placed it round Black Jacks wrist.

    Her uncle smiled at the gift with admiration, he then loosened it and placed it back in her hands. Look after this for me, he said softly. Ill be back for it.

    He then took off on his motorcycle, making his way to Vermilion City in Kanto. Goodbye, uncle! Alice cried as she waved him goodbye. After he was out of sight, she went back into the mansion with tears with in her eyes as she looked at the wristband. Ill miss you.

    Black Jack also had tears in his eyes, as he rode his motorcycle to his next destination.

    -End flashback-

    Alice Black Jack mumbled to himself.
    Hey, Black Jack, said a childs voice.

    Black Jack turned to the voices direction and saw Ash, Pikachu and Misty walking up to him. What? he asked.
    We spotted you being alone and decided to have a little chat with ya, Misty replied.
    Well, I was just thinking about some stuff, Black Jack replied as he turned his face to the sea.
    About what? Ash asked.
    The trainers of the Orre region, Black Jack lied as he turned his attention back to the sea. If theyre as tough as Officer Jenny say they are, I might consider staying there for a while or so.
    Inviting anyone? Misty asked.
    Nope. No one in particular, Black Jack replied.
    Not even Alice? Ash asked.

    Black Jack became silent for a few moments as he looked down. The two young trainers knew how much Alice meant to him. Well see Black Jack suddenly replied.

    Pikachu also noticed had sad Black Jack was feeling as he leapt off Ashs shoulder and on to his and gently patted him on the head. Pika pika, he squealed softly.
    Thanks, you little critter, Black Jack replied, forcing a small smile.

    Attention, passengers! We are moments away from the docks of the Orre region, said an announcer, who was talking from some large speakers. Would the passengers please collect your belongings and walk to the exit? Thank you for taking the St. Anne. We hope that you would visit us again.

    Sounds like our stop is coming up, Black Jack said as he and his two cohorts walked towards the end of the ship and gazed at the horizon of the Orre region.

    Thanks to you, Alice, he thought deeply with a smile. I now have a better reason to fight.
    More coming! Reviews please!
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