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The following list will be updated regularly according to the development of the story in Gunpowder.

Spoiler: The Dead Priest Gang
Raymond Holt
Element: Water
Bounty: $4000
Appearance: Raymond Holt is a tall and rather handsome man in his mid to late twenties. His has sun-tanned skin, angular features and a striking demeanour. He has long, straight brown hair and a slightly pointed goatee of the same colour and dark eyes. He typically wears navy blue trousers, a white shirt and a poncho and hat in the colour of his pants.
Info: Extremely intelligent, conniving and ruthless concealed by a charming - albeit snarky- demeanour around people, Holt is skilled in the conception of detailed and effective plans and has a photographic memory. Whilst Tess was alive she used him primarily for surveillance and theft, the unknown leader of the Dead Priest Gang does similarly. He is wanted for robbery and murder.

Irene Holt
Element: Fire
Bounty: $2000
Appearance: Tall and lean with sharp features and long flowing brown hair, Irene cuts a striking and imposing figure. Like her brother she has sun-tanned skin and dark eyes. She generally wears black pants and burnt orange, and severely oversized shirt with a slightly lighter bandanna wrapped around her neck.
Info: Despite her somewhat intimidating look, Irene has a rather goofy personality. She has little regard for right and wrong and enjoys goading friend and foe alike. She tends towards the flamboyant and specialises in causing distractions (which she then easily escapes) whilst her brother does the majority of the dirty work. She is wanted primarily for property destruction although her antics have lead to the death of many caught in the cross fire.

Robert Hogan
Element: None
Bounty: $3000
Appearance: Hogan is a man who is both imposingly tall and terribly overweight. His head is extremely round and, like his multiple chins, is always shaved completely bald. He generally wears brown pants and a white shirt along with a simple vest that strains against his rotund figure.
Info: He doesn't look like much but Hogan is quite the dangerous man. He is an extremely good sniper and is an extremely perceptive man although of no great cognitive ability. He rounds out a sort of team with the Holts, covering the two of them from great distances.

Spoiler: The Dodgy Gang
"Dodgy" David Green
Element: None
Bounty: $2300
Appearance: Dodgy looks almost as shady as his name would suggest. He's a man of slightly above-average height with moderately tanned skin, but what sets him apart is his dark, narrow eyes, thin whisky moustache and pointed goatee. He usually wears clothes that obscure his features such as ponchos, large hats and bandannas and usually those are in dark colours.
Info: Dodgy is a proponent of the mostly defunct slave trade. He captures people and then sells them to other outlaws for whatever price he can get. His methods of capture tend towards subtler tactics but he isn't afraid to use violence if need be.

Luthas Locke
Element: None
Bounty: $600
Appearance: Locke is a tall, well built and just generally handsome as hell man with ebony skin. His features are chiselled, his hair is cut neatly, his beard is well-groomed and his gaze is piercing due to his sharp grey eyes. Luthas is generally seen wearing a classy-looking black and white suit (that is actually 100% stolen).
Info: Locke is a sneaky bastard and a great liar, skills that Dodgy puts to good use. Giving off the appearance of a calm, well-educated businessman from the north, Locke is actually uncouth and mean-spirited and uses his appearance and acting skills to seduce gullible southern women and then kidnapping them to be sold.

Dominque Druer
Element: Wind
Bounty: $700
Appearance: Druer is an attractive blonde woman who was born in the north of Jeimas. Despite her new place of residence, her choice of attire has left her skin snowy pale and unscathed. She generally dresses in figure-hugging attire and is know for carrying a parasol... that just happens to have a knife concealed in the base.
Info: Much like Locke does, Druer seduces people and sets them up for kidnapping. She is known for putting up a playful, teasing persona but the truth of it is that as a former slave herself she's become cold and callous. Her magic has been relatively untrained over the years and as such is generally quite mediocre but she has a knack for slipping a knife into someones ribs or slipping poison into their drinks.

Spoiler: The Griffin Gang
William McCarthy
Element: Fire
Bounty: $1100
Appearance: Dumpy and extremely unattractive but not unhealthy-looking is a pretty accurate description of McCarthy. He has a long, flabby and sallow face with sunken eyes and an enormous nose and unkempt long brown hair that reaches down to the base of his neck. Easily mistaken for a merchant, McCarthy is normally relatively well-dressed preferring shirts of yellows and browns, brown trousers and matching vests, ties and bowler hats in shades of red or purple.
Info: McCarthy is a small time follower of the Big Bad, Felix Griffin. He's dumpy and kind of slow but is usually working with a relatively large group of subordinates and is capable with fire magic. McCarthy is wanted for crimes centred primarily around the theft of livestock but also including assault and murder. He is not to be targeted by a rookie anywhere near the vicinity of Griffin's mansion.

Alden Bellamy
Element: Earth
Bounty: $2600
Appearance: An averagely built man in his late forties with short, greying brown hair and a stubbly face. His once extremely fit body is beginning to soften as he takes on less and less work with age but he still gives the appearance of strength. He has a long scar on the side of his face. Bellamy typically wears jeans, chaps and a flannel shirt.
Info: A former sheriff of Silverston, Bellamy went many years making extra money through blackmail and being on Griffin's pay role. When he was found out however, things naturally went to **** so these days he serves under Griffin stealing and illegally reselling livestock for a cut.

Spoiler: The Sangre Clan
Sophia Hartmann
Element: Air
Bounty: $2200
Appearance: Hartmann is the leader of the clan. Fairly short and agile, she has light skin and chestnut eyes and hair which she sometimes covers with a bonnet. Typically seen with cyan shirt and leggings and a brown jacket and skirt.
Info: Very hotheaded - do not taunt or try to negotiate with too much. Despite her diminutive appearance she is a trained, cunning assassin and possesses the ability to blend in with her surroundings, so be on the lookout in case she knows you are tracking her. Be mindful of her chameleon too as she has been seen using it as a weapon. She is wanted for murder, theft, and assisting in the destruction of Wrench - along with many other crimes.

Warning: This character and the rest of the gang are player characters and Foxrally will fox you up if you go for them.

Marzia Alesi
Element: Electricity
Bounty: $2100
Appearance: Average height, small stature. Marzia Alesi has sun-tanned skin, short black hair and dark green eyes. Attire changes often, but on average she appears
Info: Silent, tactical and serious, Marzia is a powerful opponent, ever more so than Sophia. Her lifelong assassin's experience along with the many tracking and deadly spells in her arsenal make her a dangerous enemy in both close and ranged combat. Similar to Sophia, she has also been seen using a venomous snake as a weapon in the past, though recent sightings de-bunk this. Be on the lookout, however. She is wanted for She is wanted for murder and assisting in the destruction of Wrench - along with many other crimes.

Abraham "Ol' Abe" Jones
Element: Earth
Bounty: $650
Appearance: Abraham Jones is a retired miner with a bald head and a long scruffy white beard with many gold rings in it. Hunched and wrinkly, he mostly wears brown or black suspenders with a white undershirt (or none at all) and brown boots.
Info: Once an owner of his own mining crew and export business, Ol' Abe was kicked from the Jeimas miners' association for illegally supplying resources to outlaw gangs, including the Culebras. After a violent mutiny that left him without an eye, he was taken in by the Culebras as a scout and treasurer. What the old muk lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in experience and magical proficiency. He is also a known kleptomaniac. Wanted for treason and theft.

Frank Tolkins
Element: None
Bounty: $500
Appearance: Tolkins is a fairly average-looking man, fairly good-looking for his age and well-built. His black hair, sun-tanned skin and brown eyes are as common as dirt in the barren lands, making him rather difficult to spot in large crowds.
Info: Tolkins is a rather new member of the Sangre Clan. According to sources, he was a former member of the Hangman's gang before Rex Flinder's massacre - having been on a scouting trip when the event happened and joining the Culebras. Frank is known to be proficient with most kinds of firearm, from shotguns to pistols to rifles, though he is not a magic user. He is wanted for multiple counts of murder.

Spoiler: The Holy Order
Lucas Seraph Martirio
Element: Earth
Bounty: $230
Appearance: Like something oft found in history books, Martirio is clad in steel, including cuirass, greaves, gauntlet and tabard. With brown hair that curles to the back at the end, he has a ginger vam dyke and green eyes. He is muscular by the pure usage of his heavy armour. His face is starting to show signs of age yet his eyes still gleam with tenacity. His out-of-place attire may turn a few heads but it has spared his life quite a few occasions.
Info: Martirio, proud devotee to Gaudium, is a zealous man who is a Knight of the Holy Order. He is a caster who has incredibly precise aim, he can deflect bullets or slice them in half, with the reflexes of a panther. He holds a large reverence of the natural hierarchy, being subservient to Anima first, Shadow second.

Altan Burakgazi
Element: Water
Bounty: $400
Appearance: Adorned in red and white robes, he casts a contrast within his group. His eyes are alive with ecstasy as he languishes in taking life. He typically dons a white cowl and a white jacket with a red sash that ties in to a loop around the waist. The bottom half is the end of his robe and his sandals or shoes.
Info: Altan has an obsession with blood, gifted from Gaudium was the ability to control blood, he is mentally unstable and puts his desires and reverence in to every battle, to question his power would be to question Gaudium. As a Knight of the Holy Order, he believes in Gaudium, the omnipotent being in charge of the heavenly Astral Planes. Despite being loyal to the Order, he answers first to Gaudium and then to any mortal. He is extremely zealous and any irreverence to his deity and he will smite them is a bloody rain of gore and sanguine.

Elliott Temere
Element: ???
Bounty: $3,000 (Price paid on apprehension – Debt: $300,000)
Appearance: Elliott dresses in a brown leather jacket and a white shirt which more often than not has a patch of dust or dirt on it. He has messy medium length blond hair with azure irises. His smile is a mischievous one but his eyes have a mix of troublesome audacity and a problematic past.
Info: Plagued by debt, Elliott has fled to the south to run away from the law, tailed by bounty hunters, he has made it this far by luck. Elliott has had his entire magical system messed up from his birth. He owns a Spell book but the pages are blank. He has the potential to obliterate the enemy, or give them a nice bouquet of daffodils. At the same time as he could turn in to a colossal version of himself, he could stop existing. Although the middle of these two extremes are more common. It is not beyond his ability to create objects. He tries to stylise his unpredictability as a Magician, a joker, to keep a façade of intention.

Element: Wind
Bounty: $352.23
Appearance: As a native of Jeimas, her skin is notably darker but still light. Before joining Anima she wore simple white top and practical trousers, with a brown and mustard shawl wrapped up around her, she had plaited black hair the reached the mid-back. She used to have Native Jeiman war paint on, most noticeably a line of burgandy level with her cheek bone under the eyes. Now she has joined Anima, the braids have morphed in to simplicity, her hair has been cut to her shoulders. She no longer adorns herself with Native paints. Her shawl is now tucked away, her attire has blended to the society around her and increased in practicality. At all time she has her bow around her chest and a quiver.
Info: Previously set out for revenge against the dastardly invader, she has been converted in to worship of Gaudium. While Anima was in prison she has learned to be independent and authorative. She is the main public preacher of the Holy Order. Mostly disguising her rhetoric as political unrest aimed at the church, for example ranting about the amount of tithing taken, etcetera. She has managed to recruit the majority of the current members of Holy Order. She is titled High Priestess. She takes the business end of the Holy Order, acting as advisor to Anima and organiser of Operations.


The following characters should not appear until a GM introduces them. They are there to allow for plot devices.

The Night Wolf
Element: Water, Earth, Fire
Bounty: $23,000
Appearance: The Night Wolf is a tall and heavily muscled man in his late thirties of indigenous Jeiman descent (think Native American). He has broad shoulders and a strong jaw as well as small but intense eyes. He is always cleanly shaven. His attire almost always consists of black cloth pants, no shirt, and an ornate headers made from a wolf pelt. Around his neck he wears a bone necklace. During cold nights he will don a pelt to keep warm.
Info: Known only by his epithet, this man is directly descended the first indigenous Jeimans. He views those who are not of similar heritage as thieves of land that rightfully belongs to his people - even though most indigenous tribes made piece with descendants of settlers a long time ago. He is very well known for his use of wolf familiars.

Veralice Rylian
Element: Non-elemental magic
Bounty: $30, 000
Appearance: Veralice typically goes about using the appearance of Alice, a young girl of 4'7" and a tiny frame with shoulder length red hair and pale skin. The rather regal outfit of Alice is long gone now though with Veralice generally donning worn and rag-like clothes that give them the appearance of a street urchin if anything. At any time, Veralice can switch to Verely's body which is that of a tall and featureless humanoid with pitch-black skin.
Info: Veralice is the strange hybrid of a young and traumatised northerner girl and an ancient evil unearthed by a mad woman and has a personality that is a strange hybrid of both. They both want to destroy and protect making them extremely unpredictable, and considering their immense power - extremely dangerous. Veralice is wanted primarily for the mass slaughter at Wrench but also for many other killings.

"Undead" Lachlan Buzzard
Element: Electricity
Bounty: $30,000
Appearance: Buzzard is a man of advanced age with fragile-lookin features. His skin is pale, loose and heavily wrinkled and his eyes are pale and sunken. Shorter than he was in his youth, Buzzard is almost sickly looking despite being in relatively good health for his age. He dresses somewhat theatrically often wearing a tail coat and top hat.
Info: At 74 years of age, it is a remarkable feat for this man to still be considered a "Big Bad" of the Barren Lands. However when one considers his immense skill as a sorcerer and the droves of very dangerous men that follow him, it is perhaps understandable that he's still on the list. At his advanced age he rarely leaves his hideout, the location of which is unknown, but his influence can be felt all over the Barren Lands.

Element: Fire, Earth, Electricity
Bounty: $40,000
Appearance: Demon is a stocky man of average height but a bulky build. He's covered in hair, including a thick beard and his skin is almost leathery from exposure to the sun - although he has been lying low for a while now. Demon typically wears his signature coat, which is very thick and is made from fur and leather, and a large hat. He often wears sunglasses and is constantly smoking a cigar.
Info: Demon possesses the second highest bounty in recorded history. Why? Because for fun he and his gang will ride through a town and massacre everyone in sight. At least three smaller towns in the Barren Lands have suffered this fate. Due to his power and brutality people rarely go anywhere near this man or his lackeys, even bounty hunters and law enforcement.

Felix Griffin
Element: Non-magical
Bounty: $34, 000
Appearance: Felix is a tall and proud-looking man in his early fifties. His brown hair, set on a long and broad face, is slowly starting to thin and is kept cut close to his scalp as a result. Felix is always very well-dressed belying his wealth and is typically seen wearing a black suit and white shirt and gloves.
Info: Perhaps the strangest thing about this outlaw, is that everyone knows where to find him. He lives in a very large mansion on a very large cattle ranch in the Barren Lands not far from Silverton or The Great Chasm. The thing about this dangerous individual, is that it is his intelligence that has earned him his reputation. He simply organises and plans heists on mines, trains, banks and cattle ranches and then takes a cut. In the case of cattle many are brought back to his home where they are either butchered for meat or sold. He conducts his operations almost openly, simply paying off government officials and scaring people off with his connections. He was formerly protected by members of "Sister" Tess' gang, however her recent death has left the state of his defences uncertain.

Bonny Cassidy
Element: Non-magical
Bounty: $33, 000
Appearance: Bonny Cassidy is an average looking woman, not just in respects to attractiveness but to everything else also. She is very plain and she likes it that way, it makes it a lot easier to do what she is paid to do. she stands at an unimpressive but short height, is of an average build and complexion and wears he brown hair in a ponytail or bun. Her attire changes a lot depending on her target but is always simple to help her avoid detection.
Info: Perhaps the most unique among the Big Bads, Cassidy has no following of her own. She is actually a hired gun known for having a talent for killing those with magical abilities despite having none herself. There is no kind of weapon she isn't proficient with and although she is expensive, if you pay her to take someone out - they will die. She is often employed by fellow Big Bads such as Lachlan Buzzard and Felix Griffin.

Jedediah Rush
Element: Fire, Water, Earth, Electricity
Bounty: $47,000
Appearance: Rush is a fairly handsome but ragged looking man with long and unruly black hair and wild eyes. Just one look at him gives the impression that he can be a bit animalistic and that he is someone who should not be trifled with. Rush is always a bit unruly in his appearance, dressing in dark colours save for his trademark green poncho.
Info: Rush possesses the highest bounty in the history of Jeimas, and the reason for that is simple. Not only is he a very powerful spellcaster, who is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals, but he is also the leader of a revolutionary group seeking to overthrow the Jeiman government. They are based in the Barren Lands but in recent years have forayed further and further into the north.

"Red-Faced" Borya Bogden
Element: Fire, Air, Water, Earth
Bounty: $20, 000
Appearance: Short, stumpy, bulky but gradually becoming pudgy, hairy and usually red in the face (hence his epithet). Borya is man of somewhat negligible height whose once heavily muscled body is beginning to see the effects of his constant drinking and partying. Borya's face is all but obscured by his thick beard that is the same shade as his unruly black hair and his face is usually tinted red with drunkenness. As for his attire, Borya usually wears tattered old suits.
Info: Originally a citizen of one of the small ice-covered islands in Jeimas' north, Bogdan lived in a small and very poor community of fishers. He moved to the Barren Lands in order to become a gold miner and return home with his takings. However he soon got greedy, turned from an honest worker to a thief and practically forgot about his hometown. He is believed to be dwelling in Silverton and is known to be a drunkard and a party animal.

Aaron Fletcher
Element:Air, Water, Earth
Bounty: $26, 000
Appearance: Constantly wearing a devious grin, Fletcher is a tall and wiry man with gradually greying dark brown hair and a thick handlebar moustache. Fletcher is hard to distinguish from your every day rancher, so he often slips away from bounty hunters or into trains easily despite his face being plastered all over the Barren Lands.
Info: Nobody is totally sure where this man came from, one day he was a small time crook without even a bounty and then, within a week of his discovery, he succeeded in robbing four different trains carrying gold between Larkin and Wrench in the space of two days. Fletcher always targets trains and always succeeds and honestly seems to do it just for the fun of it.

Jessica Wilcox
Bounty: $39, 000
Appearance: Jess is a taller woman with broad shoulders and strong limbs, but a thin build besides this. She has long dirty-blonde hair that is always tied up behind her head and is notable for her vivid blue eyes that shine past what is usually a grim expression. Her attire generally consists of matching pants and vest and a pale coloured shirt. A necklace of sea shells always adorns her neck.
Info: Jess Wilcox is the "Robin Hood" of Jeimas and an associate of Jedediah Rush (although not officially a member of his group). She is feared as the most powerful spellcaster on the wrong side of the law but tends to avoid actually killing anyone. She resides somewhere in the Barren Lands, but actually commits her crimes in the north mostly. She steals from those who are rich and gives money to the poor and needy in the south... keeping a bit for herself. Jess is the Big Bad who all but crippled Janet.


The following are "Big Bads" who have been killed.

"Sister" Tess
Element: Air, Water, Electricity, Earth
Bounty: $31, 000
Appearance: Tess is a dark-skinned woman with short ut wavy brown hair and unblemished skin. She stands at a respectable height and has a toned body built through criminal endeavours. Her thick eyebrows are set above a gaze that can only be bored, angry or stern-looking. For attire Tess typically wears black pants and a dark-coloured corset. A brown leather choker is always around her neck.
Info: "Sister" Tess was once a nun of Fairbell, until she realised her true calling was crime. When she was young she secretly studied the magical arts with a stolen spellbook, getting a taste for crime and power. She used her power to extort the church and to build up a veritable army of small time followers. Above all else Tess loves money, and she'll go to extreme lengths to get it - including killing her own wealthy family members.
Killed By: Emmett Holliday

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