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    Madison Campbell

    ??? - ???

    Theme song:

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: At first sight, Madison seems to be one of these tiny and short girls, standing at 5'5" and weighing only 47 kg. She has long red hair that reaches the bottom of her back with blue-silverish eyes that matches the colour of her hair rather nicely. She usually has this kind and lovely look on her face and tries to smile whenever she can despite her rather difficult and traumatic past. Something you don't immediately see is the small scar under her right eye and the one on her jawbone on the right side of her face.

    Madison usually wears a white blouse with blue lines around the collar, a light brown baggy vest that's hanging past her shoulders and two small black belts on her upper arms that make sure it doesn't fall off. Her red tie is something she wears for decoration. She also wears black skinny jeans often as these are comfortable for her to wear with black boots that reaches until her ankles. Around her neck she also wears a golden necklace with a heart pendant but it's usually inside her blouse so it's not immediately noticable.

    Family: Madison grew up with an older brother that she got along with well and lived with him and their parents in a rather small house in Paris. Her mother was from the United States and her father from France, they had an average income and a happy marriage but after giving birth to Madison's brother this changed due her mother losing her job. Her father had to work harder to be able to support his family and turned a little moody and abusive because of that. You can imagine that when her mother got pregnant from Madison her father wanted an abortion but her mother was too far into pregnancy for an abortion to be legal.

    As Madison grew older they moved several times because her parents weren't able to pay the rent anymore. At some point they moved to the United States and finally both parents were able to find new and better jobs. Things started to get peaceful again until Madison came home from school someday and heard that her loving mother and caring brother got into a car crash and didn't survive. Her father grew back to his old behavior and Madison was taken away from him. Madison now lives with a loving couple that took her in as adoptive daughter.

    Interests: Madison can be described as a creative and clever girl. She learned to read since she was very young and even though the family had money problems, Madison was still able to get books to read somehow. She's also fairly good at drawing and sometimes doodles in her notebooks. She also likes singing and actually is pretty good at it. There are a few things she likes doing but is terrible at it, though. One of these things is cooking and dancing. After Madison was placed in a new home she developed a gaming habit and a love for anime.

    Strengths: Madison's personal skill is speaking French and her desire to help others. She loves solving mysteries and is very curious, usually resulting her in getting the information that she wants but sometimes fails at it and just tries harder to feed her curious mind. Madison is also very naïve which has good and bad sides. She tends to believe that there's something good in everyone even if it's only in their little toe. Madison also has a secret skill. While she's very bad at lying herself, she can actually notice easily when others are lying.

    Weaknesses: While Madison easily finds out when people are lying, she's actually a very bad liar herself. Whenever she's lying she's stuttering and nervous and prefers to tell the truth. Well... this is a secret but Madison actually can't swim. Because of the traumatic events Madison has had in the past she sometimes falls back into her traumatized self when confronted with something that is similar to what happened in her past. When she's traumatized she can't think straight and is literally afraid for everyone and everything. One of her biggest fears is probably to be left all by herself again.


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