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"Is this really what they expect me to work with?"

Amoeba on a Test Slide

It was far, far worse than he could have ever expected.

The beginning of his complete disgust in the beings he would be meeting came in the form of a very excited cry coming from the sky above. "Wolverines...?" He repeated the overly enthusiastic cry over in his own droll tone and couldn't help but cringe in anger and annoyance over what happened next. The oddest and most incredibly strange combination of sounds. Animal snarls and the gentle humming of energy... that same vibrant voice crying out other things as something sounded like it was... squirting? What?!

Renegade was feeling rather dejected, it sounded like some two bit comedy act but he was aware from what was being said that it was supposed to be a fight. On rooftops. Meaning super heroes. Was he to believe that this was what he would be dealing with? Was the World so desperate that it would call on such obviously incompetent and blithering fools as what he was now hearing? He turned his ears away in disgust, leaving the two to fight as he listened to others arriving.

First up was some buff guy, with a car and pretty normal attire if the sounds ways from his foot steps were providing an accurate depiction. His car was parked where Renegade was almost certain that there was a sign to say not to. Well it wasn't a very good damned sign to see one of the "heroes" was already breaking the law.

Then again, he himself was the first hero to show up technically... and he killed people. Still, it wasn't like he wasn't willing to accept himself as a bad example of things to come.

Next up was... some kid? Really? The sound of his footsteps sent waves that bounced off of his body and Renegade could see the boy quite clearly. His face was young, late teens, nervous expression. Why the hell was he here? Did he have powers? Was he worthwhile? Renegade hoped beyond hope that this kid was just an intern at the building or something.

His discussion with the receptionist dashed any hope of this.

Two idiots fighting on rooftops, some fool who needed driving lessons and a kid in his late teens. Wonderful start.

Next up was... what the Hell? Was that wind rushing or something? A little bit away Renegade heard the man that was the source of this strange power talk about changing clothes or something and after a few more moments he sensed it as the man walked up to and entered the building. That had been some powerful control over wind, it would have had to have been to create such a rushing sound. Elemental powers perhaps? Something similar? Renegade wasn't sure.

But God damn that guy needed to learn a thing or two about fashion. He legitimately looked like a hobo.

Still, this one seemed somewhat more valuable than those he had seen so far. He didn't think anybody could possibly do worse than them.

And then the next one showed up.

He had heard a few leaps across buildings and a few moments of silence between, so he assumed that this girl could fly. But he could have never made any assumption as to the appearance she had as she got closer. What the Hell was she wearing? Some sort of gladiator armor? Were heroes still that cliché? Sighing he slowly ran his hand down his mask in exasperation. He supposed if nothing else she looked like the type that would be right at home with the champions.

Just as she entered the building Renegade lifted his mask momentarily to see her suit better and-

Vibrant blue.

He should have just left the area completely then and there.

With the mask down and his hearing focused once more. Renegade waited for the next individual to arrive.

Slow... normal footsteps. A girl was approaching. She seemed incredibly nervous from her body language and expression. Another damned mistake of an invite. It pissed him off, the Champions were summoning these people whom had no idea what they were getting into. What the Hell was this? A game to them?

He sighed for a moment and reminded himself that all those present had powers of some sort, they had to, why else would they be here? That meant that they were a potential danger. Renegade would watch them, keep an eye on them. These were people he would eventually have to kill. He had to remember that. It was easier for him if he could get to know them now to deal with them later.

Maybe that would give some meaning to this pathetic grouping of "heroes".

The girl walked into the building and her speaking to the receptionist confirmed like it did for all the others, that the Champions (or more, Binary, since he had been the only one not present during their vanishing) had summoned her.

Finally came the old man with the hockey mask.

Wait... what? The old man with the hockey mask?

Renegade literally had no idea what to say about that one. What kind of worthless assortment of heroes was he receiving as allies? What the actual hell was going on?

It was then that he decided to tune back in to the two fighting fools above. They seemed to have calmed down, being on the roof of the building now and it seemed that a third voice was speaking to them, though it was difficult to make out from so far down, even for him.

"Q...tum, G...on. Stop. The............ ing for .....st...... Let's not............ waiting."

Even if it was only patches, Renegade knew that voice from his surveillance of the Champions. It was Binary. This entire operation was actually legitimate. Considering the others he had been watching, Renegade wasn't sure if that was actually good news or not. Still, if nothing else it made him pretty confident that he could now proceed to walk inside.

Oh goodie.


More than a little annoyed at the severely lacking quality of those whom he had seen so far. Renegade pushed on through the front doors of the building. He walked rather plainly, but there was incredible confidence and purpose in his stride, almost arrogance one might say.

The receptionist was a little shocked and flustered by his sudden appearance, she clearly recognized him... as he had expected. Still, her shock was understandable as he was more than a little imposing. Black jacket and outfit, strong muscular build, shoulder length black hair and his mask prevented any part of his actual flesh from being seen and almost made him look inhuman. The dagger was painfully visible in his leg holster and anyone whom bothered to pay attention would be able to see that it was very, VERY well maintained. The reflection of all those in the room visible upon its surface.

"A-Ah... you must be Mister Rene-"


"O-Oh... I-"

"I know exactly why I'm here. I know exactly what I'm supposed to do. I know exactly whom I'm waiting for. I know the situation better than any single person to walk through this door and presumably better than any person who will. In fact I probably know the situation better than you do."

"B-but you-"

"Secretaries are meant to be good at taking orders right? Do your job then. Be quiet. You're irrelevant to me. Just wait for the next person and tell them what they're supposed to be doing, because it isn't necessary for me. Is that understood?"

"Y-yes sir, thank you for your time."

"How polite, that's better. You're welcome."

He didn't bother taking a seat, he instead leaned against a nearby pillar. He didn't plan on getting too comfortable with all of the literally worthless specimens around him. He looked around at them again... noticing the woman wearing some metallic exo-suit, humming with the sound of energy and the large lizard man alongside her whom had just come down from upstairs.

He could tell that they were genuine by the sounds that the sound waves reverberated as they bounced off these individuals. The sounds of metal and scales were unique and easy to pick out.

He admitted these two looked decently powerful compared to the rest, but he was also painfully aware that they had been the idiots fighting on the roof-top. Pretty faces didn't hide missing brains.

One by one he examined them all one more time, just to be sure he wasn't hallucinating about how amusingly, yet worryingly terrible this bunch of individuals was;

Muscle bound, empty headed loser who couldn't park a car.

Scrawny college kid who looked like he was about to soil himself over a missing assignment.

Wind riding hippie who changed clothes on city streets.

Bad cosplay kid.

Some girl.

Old man with a mask, looking ready to commit an axe murder.

Some lizard... thing. Damned creepy looking really, but "creepy" was pretty standard in his line of work.

Finally, a weird, robotic lizard hater whom sounded like a ****ing generator.

...he sighed as he realized that he would have been better off with amoeba on a test slide.

Renegade sighed and leaned his head back against the cold stone pillar. Why did he suddenly have this horrible feeling that he had just made one of the biggest mistakes of his life?