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    Chapter 4

    There were some rumblings throughout the entire arena, much to everyones curiosity and fear. Suddenly, a huge army tank came crashing into the arena, knocking down a lot of people.

    Black Jack spotted a familiar Team Dark symbol. Them again, he snarled.

    Mecha and Isaac also looked at the symbol, but with different expressions. Mecha let out a small growl as he looked at it.

    Team Dark, Isaac thought with a lot of hate in his tone. Theyre gonna get it for dissing with my dad!

    Black Jack jumped off from the audience balcony and landed on his feet, catching their attention. What the Isaac said in a surprised tone. Youre

    Hi, kids, Black Jack said. That tank looks like a tough cookie for you two, so I suggest you kids get outta here.

    No! Isaac yelled. Im not gonna let those punks get away with it after what they have done to this place!

    Mechas eyes narrowed as he turned his attention back to the tank.

    Fine by me, Black Jack said as he folded his arms, waiting to see some action.

    Subjects to terminate, the tank said, which spoke in a robotic language. Black Jack Mecha Isaac Wolfpack the leader will be pleased.

    The tank knows these guys? Black Jack thought. I better ask later.

    Isaac took out two of his pokeballs off his belt. Ninetales, Electrike, he yelled as he tossed them out. Go!

    A nine-tailed vixen and a small dog with yellow spiky mane came out from their pokeballs, yelling out their battle cries.

    Different parts of the tanks opened the hatches and showed different kinds of guns and began shooting out, aiming for its main targets but to no avail.

    All three of the battling pokemon kept on dodging each of the tanks attacks, with Mecha using his speed and strength to destroy each weapn. Ninetales, use your Flamethrower attack! Isaac yelled. Electrike, Thunderbolt!

    Both pokemon charged up their respective powers and shot them out in unison, making the same weapon as their target, causing a small explosion on impact. We got it! Isaac said.

    The tank didnt stand much of a chance against Mecha and Isaac and his pokemon, but defeating that tank was very time-consuming.

    Realising this, a hatch on Mechas metal arm opened and he fired out his weapon like a gun, destroying every weapon in sight, enough to make Isaac impressed. In no time at all, all of weapons were completely destroyed. All weapons damaged, the robotic tank said. Unit in need of repairs.

    No, unit in need to be even more smashed, Black Jack said as he took off his sunglasses, showing his arrogant eyes. Because of your poor targeting.

    He took out a pokeball and tossed it out. Salamence! he yelled. Flamethrower attack!

    A blue dragon pokemon came out of his pokeball and shot out a huge lick of flame and the tank felt the heat of the attack and malfunctioned. I think its gonna blow! Isaac yelled.

    Everyone return! the two pokemon trainers yelled as they got their respective pokemon back into their pokeballs, apart from Mecha. They all made their way out of the stadium just in time before the tank exploded, along with the Pyrite Coliseum.

    Sometime later that evening, the police have arrived to find out what was going on. During the process, the ambulance came by to pick up the injured people while the police questioned various people.

    Ash, Misty and others also walked into the scene and spotted Black Jack looking at the destruction of the stadium. Black Jack, officer Jenny said as she and the others walked up to him. What happened?

    Well, Ill tell you, Black Jack replied and he started his story.

    After Black Jack finished explaining things, everyone knew that Team Dark would be behind the destruction of the stadium, even though Black Jack did make the tank explode.

    Officer Jenny turned her attention to Mecha and Isaac, the unorthodox pokemon and the young trainer Black Jack mentioned during the explanation.

    Isaac, Jenny said as she walked over to them. Black Jack told me how skilled you are.

    Really? Isaac said excitedly while Mecha showed no expression. He said that Im that talented?

    Of course! Thats why I have proposition for you, Jenny said. We are on the trail of a criminal organisation called Team Dark, were doing this in three groups, Black Jack is two members short and I was wondering if you two like to team up with him.

    No problem! Isaac replied excitedly. How about it Mecha?

    Well, I dont know much about you guys, Mecha said in a deep voice, surprising everyone as he offered his hand of friendship. Let me introduce myself, my names Mecha.

    A Rhydon that talks!? Max said in shock.

    What? Meowth said with a shrug. Never saw a pokemon that talk human-talk before?
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