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Alek; Team Rocket

Name: Alek Zhao

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Team Rocket - he knows where his loyalties lie and right now, that remains with Team Rocket. His demeanour around his fellow co-workers is that of a cold, distant person that cares for nothing but getting the task at hand complete.

Arryn - her shocking reveal of what she truly is left a bitter taste in his mouth since the day she fled. More so, that he cannot erase the feelings he harboured for the Hybrid, as much as he would love to just forget her and move on. Caring for her leaves him indecisive in his role at Team Rocket.


Pokemon team:
Echo, Delta,

Hybrid Trainer typing: Steel
Hybrid Trainer Ability: Heavy Metal
Hybrid Trainer Moveset: Bullet Punch, Gyro Ball, Metal Claw, Iron Defense

Attack execution:
Bullet Punch - self explanatory
Gyro Ball - also self explanatory
Metal Claw - Alek has fingerless gauntlets with three, sharp steel blades that are retractable