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    Chibi Pika: I think the site must've gone down, mate. Thanks for d review. Mecha's and Isaac's past and reasons for joining the gang are here.

    Chapter 5

    Everyone made their way back to the hotel and decided to go to sleep. Only two people and one pokemon werent able to sleep. Mecha, Black Jack and Isaac sat on the roof of the hotel, with Black Jack drinking some beer.

    Hey, kids, Black Jack said. While we were battling that tank, it knew both of you. Whys that?

    Do you really wanna know? Isaac asked. Cos I dont think you want to.
    Then why did I ask? Black Jack asked.

    Isaac sighed a small sigh. Okay Ill tell ya

    It was a few months back when I was taking a break from my pokemon journey. I was visiting my dad when he was working in a small shop, when I found a bunch of thugs messing around with him and setting fire to his shop. They warned him that he still owed them more money, thats when I started to take action into my own hands.

    I tried to take each and everyone of them out but there were too many of them and they battered me and my pokemon pretty badly. They told me to consider this a warning to me and my dad. If my dad couldnt get the money within a month of that time, they would have me killed. After they left, I sent my dad away to

    He suddenly stopped his story, realising what he was about to say. I better not say it, he said. You never know who might be listenin

    True, true, Black Jack said.

    Isaac continued his story. That was when I decided to make Team Dark my target for dissing with my dad, hes the only family Ive got now.

    I know how that feels, Black Jack said. I have a brother named John, and he was the only family Ive got until he got a family of his own. But what about your mom?

    She and my dad got divorced when I was a kid, Isaac replied. Shes now out there pokemon training, that was the last time Ive heard from her. Hopefully, Ill meet her again one day and battle her.

    Black Jack let out a small sigh. And you, Mecha? Black Jack asked. Whats your story?

    Alright, Mecha said with a sigh. Before I became part of Team Dark, they stole me from my old trainer, along with my other buds. They erased most of my memory and turned me into this freaking robot. I badly wanted to escape, but if I tried to, theyd have me killed.

    He looked at his robotic foreleg, cursing Team Dark for what theyve done to him.

    But somehow, I did manage to escape the base Ive used a trash chute of one of the Team Dark bases and slid to the outside. After they discovered that I disappeared, they became obsessed with chasing me.

    There was a short silence between them, until Black Jack showed a small smile. Mecha, he said. Why dont you team up with Ash instead of me?

    Huh? Mecha and Isaac said in unison. Why?

    I like to do the things the hard way, Black Jack said. If you team up with me, I have a feeling that wed get job done quicker, while waiting for the others to do theirs.

    Suit yourself, Mecha said with a shrug. Well talk to Stevens in the morning.

    With that, they remained silent and continued staring at the stars for the rest of the night until dawn came.

    A few hours after that, everyone got ready to set off on their respective paths. Before they did, Black Jack and his team suggested that Stevens could take Mecha with him. After some discussion Stevens agreed to Black Jacks proposal, since Black Jack would be taking his motorcycle. So therefore

    The first team consisted of Wes, Rui, Jesse, James and officer Jenny.

    In the second team there was Black Jack, Isaac Wolfpack, May, Max and Meowth (who wasnt very happy about teaming up with Black Jack).

    The third team contained Ash, Misty, Brock, detective Stevens and Mecha.

    Each team took their respective vehicles, which were Black Jacks motorcycle (with extra sidecars for Max and May), Wess motorcycle (which also had extra sidecars) and a police van for Ashs team. They drove to the exit of Pyrite Town. Well, this where we split, Ash said as everyone got off the vehicles.

    Guess so, Isaac said.

    I almost forgot, Jenny said as she held out three cell phones. Each team leader will need to carry one of these in case of new information. Ill keep one for myself.

    She handed one of the cell phones to Stevens and the other to Black Jack. And remember this everyone, were all heroes now. Lets just kick some butt.

    My sentiments exactly, Black Jack replied as he gave a thumbs up. Good luck, kids.

    The three teams set off in three different directions, looking forward to new adventures and challenges. For Black Jack, its time to smash more heads and drink more beer.

    Elsewhere, in a dark office, a shadowy figure was viewing the monitors and saw that Black Jack and his comrades part ways into different directions. So he said. They decided to make things interesting, eh?

    Next episode: Wess team arrives in Andaa City, looking to find one of the Team Dark bases. What kind of surprises is Team Dark holding for them?
    More coming! Reviews please!
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