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Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
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    Super Pokemon Eevee Edition 0.751 is now available!

    Download Now!


    • Launcher Application
    • Faster Battle System
    • Native Controller Support
    • HP Bars in Battle
    • Surfboard - Traverse the seas
    • Summoning System
    • Mystery Gift
    • Six whole chapters worth of content

    This release is quite different than before. I have developed a new application I call the "Pokemon Eevee Launcher" which contains the base game files.

    Its quite nifty as it can check for, and download new updates, has stuff like automatic & manual save backups, and a feature called Mystery Gift that allows you to get free items.

    All future patches will be done via the launcher’s update download system, way less complicated than before, and it allows me to easily push out bugfixes and content updates.

    Mystery Gift
    I will be releasing new Mystery Gift items from time to time that you can redeem.
    For this launch week; use the mystery gift to receive a piece of Shiny Data! A rare item which can be used to turn a pokemon into a shiny.

    Font Fix
    If you have font problems, go into the Fonts folder, and install the 4 fonts.
    (Right click > install)

    Save File Transfer

    You can use your old save files!
    To do so, open up the old version’s folder, and look for files labelled like "Save01.lsd"
    Those are your save files.
    Copy and Paste them into the "Pokemon Eevee" folder of the new version!

    Version 0.753 is out
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