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Posted December 4th, 2018
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Heyo Chris!!

Well this year has been a great year ! You enjoyed yourself to the full most extent with anime and games ! Well yeah you sucked in exams for sure xD! not to mention, you joined in many debating competitions in your school, you even won the 3rd prize in it ! Congratulation ! Not to mention you joined in the spoken English project conducted by the secondary education board of Assam ! And you got your name enlisted in it !

You made a pretty good job in improving your English! Congrats! In the beginning of the year, you had a little knowledge about the vocabulary that is hidden within these bush of the language of English, But you've enhanced yourself pretty much ! Now you have some good grammar (Including Punctuation, Narration, Voice, Determiners, Make sentence and stuff you know). But still you make some grammatical mistakes, well don't worry you're 13.. Pause// you're not 13 now are you ? You're freaking 14 BROTHER ! Wooho!

You made yourself pretty much of a die hard fan of One Direction ya know, I do not know whether its ephemeral or long lasting, but best of luck with your inspiration! You made your own band and you're going to perform soon (Only if the plan goes as you wished, that is)

Now now, it's time for you to chuck the gloominess surrounding your aura, and book a rendezvous with the one you love ! Even though, she may still not be yours but I hope she is, that doesn't mean you can take her away from Amit, That'll be breaking your own ethics mate!

Your elder brother advised you not to transgress one's limits and make a debacle of their life by breaking the ethics. You have to succeed my friend. "Success is derived from the act of transgressing your limits" you said ! Chris Makise said this damnit!

Please, do your best ! Have good marks in exams, DO good in music ! Do good in your love life ( Don't act all boogie now ! WIN THE HEART OF AMY!!)

And yes, never forget. You have a mother who needs you ! You should accompany her no matter what obstacle hits you in your road, never be a hindrance to others, and don't get buried into love thing way too much, Don't bow upon you enemies ! and without a second doubt, keep on loving your loved on
es !