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Episode 3: Rui and the beach

Chapter 1:

Wes, Rui, Plusle, James, Jesse and Officer Jenny arrived at a pokemon center in Andaa city.

Er, Officer Jenny? Rui said. Can you tell me why were stopping here?

The informants have told us that this would be the place where Team Dark would strike next, Jenny replied. They also told me that one of the buildings around here is their hideout. Our job right now is to find their hideout and arrest everyone involved.

But how can we find their hideout without being recognised? Rui asked.
We could go in disguise, James replied.
Of course! Jesse replied. Thats the exact same plan I was thinking!

Good idea, you two, Jenny said. Plus, well need to split up.
Plusle? Plusle said curiously, who was riding on Ruis shoulder.
Not you, Plusle, Rui said, giving out a small giggle.

First, well need a change of clothes, Jenny said. After that, Jesse and James, you two can hit the east side of the streets, Ill take the west and Rui can take the beach to guard the citizens
Yay! Rui cried happily. Wes can come with me!
I dont think so, Jenny replied, much to Ruis displeasure. Wes can
Stay here, Wes finished in an uninterested tone.

Everyone became shocked at Wess announcement. What is that, Wes? Rui said as she frowned. Youre not coming with us?

Anyone got a problem with that? Wes asked.
Well, Jenny said. You can stay here in case Team Dark attacks the pokemon center.
Then lets check in.

After everyone checked in their rooms, Rui gave a small sigh at the fact that Wes wouldnt be with her that day.

Wes was in Jamess room as James got dressed in a Sherlock Holmes costume. Well, James said. What do you think?
Going to a fancy dress party? Wes said as he observed what James was wearing. Plus, its very hot outside.
I mightve guessed, James replied as he sweated heavily.

Wes left the room shaking his head. As he walked down the corridor, he saw Rui in a cute red bikini carrying a plastic bag. Going to the beach now? he asked, while blushing slightly.
Yeah, Rui replied. If you get bored here, you can come see me at the beach.
Plusle! Plusle cried excitedly.
Yep, well have some fun there, Plusle. See you later, Wes.

Rui walked passed Wes while carrying Plusle on her shoulder. Wes let out a small breath and turned his head round to look at Rui. She sure is cute in that bikini, Wes thought to himself. Eh? What am I saying?

Is everyone ready? officer Jenny called out as she came out of her room. She let down her hair and also had a white t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses.
Wes snapped out of his deep thinking. Yeah, Rui just left. Shes taken Plusle with her.

Suddenly, Jesse and James popped their heads out behind Wes, much to his surprise. James was wearing a normal schoolgirl uniform while Jesse was wearing a typical schoolboy outfit. You do realise its summer, right? Wes commented as another sweatdrop appeared on his head.

When Rui and Plusle made it to the beach, Rui decided to do a little bit of sunbathing while Plusle decided to take a little swim. Rui then began to admire the beach. I just wish Wes was here with me she thought.

She fantasised that Wes was with her, swimming in the sea, running around playing tag, and then they would admire the sunset, holding each others hands, then they would kiss each other on the lips.

It would be so romantic! Rui said to herself while blushing. Wouldnt it, Wes?

She turned her head to her left, hoping that Wes was there. But it was Plusle, carrying a bucket of water as it playfully splashed it all over her. Why, you little Rui snarled in an angry tone. She then yelled out, You ruined my daydream!!

Her yelling knocked Plusle off its feet and it landed of its back. It sat up while rubbing its butt. Before it realised it, the bucket fell on top of it, making it trapped.

After realising what she had done, Rui ran up to Plusle and took the bucket of it. Sorry about that, Plusle, Rui said sympathetically. But thinking about Wes can make me go crazy.
Plusle, Plusle replied happily, understanding Ruis feelings.

Rui looked far at the horizon of the sea and let out small sigh. Wes please come out.

Back at the pokemon center, Wes was lying on his bed. He was remembering the time after the leader of Team Snagem was being arrested.


Wes was researching through a computer about Team Snagem and came across another criminal organisation called Team Dark.

Team Dark? What have they got to do with those guys? Wes thought.

He hacked into the Team Dark computer and gained information of grunts, past thefts and others. As Wes was about to find out who the leader of Team Dark was, the computer malfunctioned. I dont think so, said the computer.

The computer shut itself off as the smoke came out of the monitor and hard drive. A virus, Wes said in realisation.

Rui came in carrying a tray of drinks. Something wrong, Wes? she asked.

Not really, Wes replied, as he turned round with a smile. Do you want to go on another adventure with me?

Another one? Rui asked excitedly. Yay!

Wes quickly turned round, hiding his blush away from her. What made me ask her that? he whispered to himself.

-End Flasback-

After he remembered those moments, Wes let out a small yawn as he drifted off to sleep.
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