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    Current challenges:

    Trainer Examination Challenge: Platinum (2/8), Black (0/8)

    Birthdate challenge: Black (8/8) (almost done)

    Shiny Badge Quest: Platinum (0/8) (WHERE ARE YOU SHINY CHIMCHAR!!)

    Monotypes: The Grass Pokémon of Kanto Red (0/8)

    Solos: None


    Eeveelution Relay Challenge Red (0/8), Crystal (0/8), Emerald (0/8), Platinum (0/8), Black (0/8), X (0/8), Moon (0/8)

    Monthly Mini: None

    Events: None

    Completed challenges:

    Monotypes: None

    Solos: None

    Ultimates: None

    Monthly Mini: None

    Events: None

    Shiny Pokemon I have caught: Rapidash (SS), Linoone (E), Spinda (E), Bibarel (Pt), Weedle (FR), Garbodor (X), Chansey(x5) (X), Audino(x2) (X), Flechinder (Mn), Whiscash (Mn), Magby (Mn), Caterpie (X)

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