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    Welcome to the Ancient Days.

    Our story starts, and occurs, long ago, in an age forgotten, long before gods ocean wiped all traces of it clean. It happened on this earth, in this dimension.

    Before I can tell you out true story, you must know the story of James A. Godspeed. People in those days had last names such as that. James A. Godspeed was a wizard. Not a powerful or even well renowned wizard, just the everyday sort of wizard. His spatiality? Animals. He bred all sorts of magical animals; from Unicorns, to flying pigs. But his favorite of all animals was the griffin.

    Griffins in those days were rare, but were more like advanced horses. They were used for riding in the air. They were, for those that dont know, a mix in between lions and the giant eagles of the old east. They were gold or brown, and unfortunately, unintelligent.

    But, our James fell in love with them when he saw one fly. The personal carrier of the King, it was. It was beautiful, trained, and strong. He could fly for hundreds of miles with the king on his back. He was a bright gold, and very proud. He was also the guard of the King, for his great lion strength and powerful beak could help him kill any man.

    James, I should mention, also had married a wizard, who was very good at every day sort of spells. Her name was Maria.

    Well, one day, while Maria was pregnant with there first child, he went for a walk in the valley in the back of his town. He studied a few animals, and grew tired. He decided to go in. However, before he could do that, he heard an eagles cry; only much deeper. This was the call of a griffin.

    A distressed griffin.

    When she flew in to James, she landed at his feet; panting. She was blood soaked and was going to die. Although James had promised not to disturb the balance of life and death, he did all he could to keep her alive. How she got this way, he never found out. But soon enough he found something she was lying on; something she flew in with in her jaws with the utmost care.

    It was an egg.

    There was nothing he could do for her, and she died a few hours later. The egg, however, was fine, and although James told himself to let life go on as it would, he took the egg and brought it home.

    He analyzed it, and discovered it had just been laid. His pregnant wife came into his room and asked him what it was. When he told her he was going to raise it, she could hardly say no. She knew his love for the beasts.

    But soon, his dreams of being able to talk with a griffin, to learn what its thinking, overcame all. And he made a dissention.

    He would use the DNA of himself and Maria, along with his magic, and make this griffin an intelligent creature. And he did. It was stressful, and it took him all of the three months he had while the creature inside the egg was still developing, to finally have everything ready. You see, he could of done it as soon as he thought of it, but he wanted to make sure that everything was perfect so the creature was not hurt.

    He did so, yet by looking at the egg, no visible change was seen.

    We now must go to the hospital, a few months later, while Maria was having her baby; any, by coincidence, the egg was hatching in the same room, five minutes of each other. The two were twins.

    The human was a boy, and the griffin was a girl. These are the two who are the main characters of our true story. They both, surprisingly, were registered as the children of James and Maria.

    The world in those days were not safe, for there were pirates, robbers, and murderers, not to mention so may kingdoms at war, that no one was safe. The Red Blood army, a powerful, evil, and corrupt kingdom, came by the small town that James and Maria lived in.

    By this time, a year has passed, and the boy, who they named Kevin, had now learned a few words. And, believe it or not, so had the griffin, who was now named Abbey. She was showing the same intelligence as any human, but, fearing what the world would do, James carefully hid her.

    But I suppose hiding from the flood that was the Red Blood army was no use, and the attack went on. The RB army eventually made it to the house of James and Maria Godspeed.

    They were both killed immediately, while they spared the child and griffin. They took all valuables.

    The survivors took the baby and griffin, found there names, and asked the town what to do. The small, barely surviving town head told them that the boy should be sent to an orphanage and the griffin to the nearest griffin training facility.

    However, when they discovered that Abby could talk, she was immediately sent away. Too where? No one was sure but those who worked there, and no one found out except one. And thus the world forgot Abby F. Godspeed.

    For now.

    Our story starts many years later, at the orphanage of Kevin, at the age of 14, when he is beginning to wonder about his past, his father, his mother, and even though he does not know he has one, his twin sister
    That was the prologue, R+R plz!
    Ahh, how things change.
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