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Spelling and Grammar

Ok this is a biggie! Please do not rp like this:

I ish a 'amberger!

Why? because it's not spelled right! Correction:

I am a hamburger!

As far as grammar goes, I'm not the best I'll admit that. Make sure to use commas and semi-colons! Be saphisticated! Don't rp in fragmented sentences, or run-on sentences.

Grammar lessen #1:

Semi-colon use: You use a semi-colon to link two complete thoughts. This makes a sentence saphisticated and makes you look smart. This is highly recommended. Here is an example of how to use a semi-colon.

Jeremy walked down a long dark corrider trying not to make a sound; a sound came from behind him, causing him to turn around to investigate what was going on.

Comma use: Commas are used to link a complete thought in an incomplete thought (AKA fragment). Or it's used to link two fragments together to form a complete thought.

Jeremy, who raced down the hallway, didn't see the wall and ran straight into it.

**notice that "who raced down the hallway" is an incomplete thought. And "Jeremy didn't see the wall and ran straight into it" is a complete thought. I used a comma to combine the two**

Grammar Lessen #2:

Adjective Clauses: These are the best! I love using them, and done right they can add alot of pleasure to writing.

John, whose pants fell down, was extremely embarrased.

**notice that "whose pants fell down" is describing John, so therefore it's an adjective clause**
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