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Name: Iris Aldridge

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon: Drill spear and shield

Element: Earth

Spells: Alchemy
This spell enables the ability to reconstitute tangible material derived from the earth from one form to another or otherwise altering its physical characteristics. She can turn soft earth into hardened rock, lead into a harder material such as iron and create sharpened projectiles, just as different examples of broad applications for Earth Alchemy.

Fission: After weakening the materials in the ground, Iris can tear it into a fissure and viciously collide the pieces back together, causing spikes to rise in a line and create some distance between her and her target.

Quick-Dry Cement: Iris can break down any dirt and stone into a liquid, and solidify it once again in any mold she pleases. She can use it for traps, and make a lot of things, varying from pretty statues to deadly spikes to improvised building material.

Carbon Bombs: A conjuration of balls of carbon, these versatile projectiles can “explode” to produce diamond wire nets, in order to ensnare and trap. While being primarily used for ensnarement purposes, these bombs can be improvised incendiary devices given fire mage support.


Standing at 5’ 4” and weighing in at an underwhelming 120 pounds, she is more on the lanky side when it comes to build. Matching her build is a long neck and a thin, U shaped face, often found to have bags underneath her eyes, which are a shade of greyish-blue. Also matching her build is a quite slender and modestly shaped figure, with a very modest chest to match. As such, Iris can appear much younger than her age, often being confused for 13 or 14. Atop her head, Iris’ hair is blonde and extend down to her chest. Her typical attire is V-neck polo shirts, usually white or pink, complemented with white khakis, jeans or plain shorts and tennis shoes. Other times, she may simply opt for baggy, oversized t-shirts and gym shorts, which incidentally double as pajamas, especially in the common scenario of sleeping due to sheer exhaustion wherever she works. These tend to mask whatever modest assets Iris has. If she wants to be outdoors, Iris likes to wear flannel shirts with patches alongside some worn jeans. However, if she wants to maintain an appearance of being a bit more presentable, she wears a white button down shirt, a diamond-patterned sweater, a nice pair of slacks and a beret she got from an old friend before she shut herself off.

Personality: A top academic achiever at her high school in Minneapolis, Iris is a very driven individual in whatever she does, to the point of being a workaholic. Because of her overachieving work ethic, she's more prone to mood swings when she can't bury her emotions in work or is overly fatigued. Fairly soft-spoken with witty, dry and caustic words, she’s often seen as something of a young woman who likes to wield biting and clever jabs under the guise of a naturally soft and mellow voice, particular at those who draw her ire and when she debates. She can often be difficult to make friends with, given her status as a shut in and putting up a cold facade to push people away. From anyone most acquainted with her in her present state, which is restricted to only her mother, she overcompensates for being quite anxious and fearful on the inside with coldness and distance. When push come to shove and she has to do away with being cold, be it someone she secretly takes a liking to, platonic or otherwise or someone is stubbornly persisting in showering the girl with affection despite trying her best to push them away, Iris becomes less sure of herself and may seem awkward, seeming much more conflicted and determined to maintain the distance.

Another facet of her personality is a softer side that consists of being an aficionado for animals and cute things. It's somewhat repressed, but when push comes to shove, Iris can't resist the allure of a puppy or kitten. On top of that, her repressed side takes elements of when she was more open and warm. Preceding her shift in personality, Iris was a soft-spoken, amicable girl who was modest and a bit reserved while still being driven by her academics, which she gravitated to and found interesting with doting praise from her father. While being a bit reserved, she was not antisocial, not minding a few social interactions from a fellow teacher, friend from school or even one of her mother's buddies from work while still preferring less numerous but close relations.

History: Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Neil and Olivia Aldridge on June 22, 1998, both mages who have assimilated smoothly into the non magical world as a history teacher at Iris’ future high school and a construction worker respectively, Iris grew up in a historical middle class neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. They have largely fell out of the wayside with the magic community, preferring to live an ordinary life with other non-mages and not having to deal with the burdensome responsibilities of being magical. Given the nature of their fairly disruptive magic, the Aldridges had been a little out of practice, but like to take yearly summer vacations to a cottage in Northern Minnesota for the sake of enjoying the natural beauty of Minnesota. Not wanting to draw suspicion to their magic in their well-populated neighborhood, it was in the vacations to the cottage where, rather than explicitly being geared as magic training, was more of a supplement for the fun they would have. It was more of creating forts to play in instantaneously, crafting dull play weapons to spar with and, for the parents, landscaping for the upkeep of their cottage.

Everything changed when her father, skidding into a freeway median on I 35 W on a patch of black ice, got into a devastating accident, killing him. It was a devastating blow to say the least. Iris, who was in the middle of 10th grade, transformed from a shy but amicable and intelligent girl to a workaholic shut in. How exactly did she transform so drastically? While it may obviously be chalked up to the trauma one would go through in that situation, it was specifically in the way that the depression ate away at her cheerful soul, consuming it with the natural thoughts of deep grief, self-doubt and apathy. Not having the emotional tools to deal with this sudden transformation, she turned to working to unhealthy extremes to fulfill a never ending hole of self-doubt in a vain attempt to make herself feel better. This workaholism, while far from alienating herself from great grades, cost her a lot of her friends, sleep and any semblance of normalcy. This compounded loneliness, apathy and general moodiness worked to turn her outside personality cold. And therein lies the heart of why she felt motivated to pivot towards the path of magic: a sense that now she can embrace her magical heritage without the need to feel as if her life is normal. It was their annual summer vacations that, while met with casual fun and recreation before, began to be used as intensive training sessions. Her mother approved, seeing it as a way of getting out her emotions apart from sticking her nose in a book. It was in these now recreational-less retreats where she developed more advanced skills of fission and carbon bombing. Despite being rusty, Olivia Aldridge was able to teach a more active approach to Earth magic, passing down her specialty of Carbon Bombing and to help guide her towards her other acquired spells, those of Alchemy and Fission. Iris’ hard work and her innate powers, being derived from two Earth mages, in this regard shortened the gap of her capabilities in the one summer she trained.

Before the beginning of her senior year of high school, she received an offer to go to the Vale Institute, which her mother recognized as an elite magic school; her sister was an alumnus of the Vale Institute. Knowing that this might be the chance for Iris to snap out of her workaholic apathy by giving her new purpose, Olivia actively encouraged her to go, fighting intense pain to not only let go of the late Neil Aldridge, but her daughter as well. But alas, Iris took the offer and off to Vale she went, taking on more pain of homesickness to add to her unhealthy work habits.

Name: Kylie Byrd

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Element: Air

Weapons: A pair of butterfly swords



Vacuum Rend: Emptying the air around a very small and localized target from a distance, a vacuum appears in the vicinity of an Etherspawn and crushes the target with it’s own inert power and mass that may be sucked in.

Aerial Blitz: A flurry of small aerial blades that rains from all directions, Kylie hones in on a target with razor sharp gusts of wind. While able to be used alone, it is more powerful if succeeded by blows from her weapons.

Air Dragon: Inspired by the several times she’s been to China, a dragon about 11 feet long is summoned and attacks from the air with gales, razor wind attacks and physical attacks with its teeth and claws.


Standing at 5’ 7” without her boots, weighing in at about 130 pounds and boasting a thin, curvy figure with decently well endowed assets, she is an attractive young woman with a certain air of exuberance in her stance. She looks quite youthful with large, dazzling blue eyes and a smooth V-shaped face.

With long, tousled red hair tied back into two bushy ponytails and a pair of goggles hanging around her neck, Kylie usually looks like she’s had her share of time in the air. Maintaining a degree of mobility in her everyday attire, she opts to dress in v-neck shirts and a leather jacket that ends at her midriff, complemented by a pair of form hugging dark colored pants and combat boots. When the weather becomes cold, Kylie will wear a grey overcoat over her usual attire and a pink scarf that obscures half of her face.

Personality: Living for the thrill of adventure and the fantastical elements of such imaginative fantasies, augmented by a persona of playful self-aggrandizement, Kylie is one who is usually in high spirits. Constantly on the prowl for anything that delights her sense of an adventure, whether that would be jumping freely and boundlessly through some exotic land, or “just” some good fun with air related thrill sports. Usually in high spirits and possessing a perky demeanor, it's rare for life to get her down; after all, she's too busy being out and about living it up to do that. Truly, she embodies the philosophy of living life to the fullest, a mindset adopted after traveling the world. Even as a child, Kylie possessed a large imagination and an ambitious eye, which was further amplified by the discovery of her powers. These traits manifested itself with a bold, self confident adventurers’ persona, complete with accent, drive to see new things and a taste for the riskier things in life. She will boisterously tell enticing travel stories, and even narrate her own travels in her head.

Part of her philosophy of life also involves “do now, ask later”. She can be quite impulsive and does things on a whim, thrill seeking, or a combination of both. However, spending two years enhancing her magic at Vale and personal experience have taught her to put away some of her more impulsive behaviors on the battlefield and subsequently apply her natural hyperness to a spirited and determined fight, giving her scattershot personality some focus. Consequently, the battlefield is where you can find Kylie at her wittiest and most focused, taking a page from the archetype of an Indiana Jones-esque adventurer.

As self confident as she is, she recognizes that there will inevitably be some things she won’t be good at. Instead of fretting over the inadequacies that she may possess, she copes with her own imagination and surrounding herself with people who'll indulge her and her quirky, hyper personality.

History: Born to two air mages, Jasmine and Hugo Byrd, Kylie’s life has mainly been about jaunting from place to place, exposed to a dizzying array of locales for the sake of the Byrds’ jobs. Employed as travel writers for a well-respected travel journal from the United Kingdom, their native country, the Byrds have always been passionate about seeing the world, which rubbed off on Kylie from an early age. Visiting locales in spans of about three to four months at a time, with fairly minimal time spent in the United Kingdom, the Byrds were usually on the road, seeing all sorts of sites, having unique encounters that make for great travel stories for both friends and the magazine. Of course, being mages, their travels weren't always work related, but also expeditions off the beaten path where they basically had free reign to practice magic and learn about the world at the same time.

Kylie’s personal experience with magic came at the age of seven years old, when the couple were walking through the picturesque deserts of Wadi Rum in Jordan. While the area was no stranger to winds, that particular day had no wind to speak of. Feeling quite hot with the blazing sun and desert heat, Kylie had to find a way to cool herself down. She of course knew all about her parents’ magic and how often it had entranced her with winds, gales and her favorite trick, being able to levitate. She wondered if she could indeed replicate this magic to get a small breeze. Concentrating, Kylie imagined the cool, summer breezes of their “home” in Southern England and channeled that thought into the heat of Wadi Rum, delighted when she felt a breeze appear from nowhere. When her parents felt the same brief breeze, a short distance away admiring the scenery, they realized that the source was none other than their own daughter, with a large, toothy grin on her face when she made another breeze appear.

In her own sheltered bubble of fanciful, exotic expeditions and associating mainly with mages, the young, impressionable air mage was of course encouraged by her parents, who indulged her adorable imaginings as the next big explorer and the like. From Kylie’s first time with magic, Jasmine and Hugo eagerly encouraged her daughter to train with them alongside with any air mages they happened to find littered across the world. Of course, the excitable air mage quickly took a liking to the fast paced potential of her air magic. This put her a bit at odds, however, with her parents’ more subdued and patient methods of teachings. While the mages that they had encountered helped Kylie perfect her magic, Kylie increasingly yearned for something to fight other than training dummies. Around this time period, when she was 12, inspired by a recent trip to China, she thought it would be so cool to have her own little symbol of good luck and regality for someone with her ambitions. Much to her delight, she found she was able to summon a small creature along those lines, a small dragon about the size of a ferret that she named Tipton. This creature, small but powerful, supplemented her quick, fast paced style of magic with increasing levels of flashy grandiosity. The playful and unsubtle method of combat belied lots of potential if it could be tempered with experience and training. While an English school would've been the clear choice for Kylie earlier in her life before she discovered her niche, when she was offered an invitation to attend Vale, her adventurous spirit urged her to accept it when the invitation was given to her at age 14.

In the two years that the air mage has spent at Vale, an edge of maturity to her behavior was adopted as she grew with the help of friends and learning to fight on a battlefield. She learned a few lessons about reigning her flashiness, making friends and of course controlling her magic. As Kylie approaches her third year, now with half of her time at Vale behind her, Kylie looks fondly at all the great times she’s had and look towards the kids that were in her shoes two brief years ago.

Other: Birthday is March 2, 1999
Favorite food is curry
Has never been in a relationship
Likes to ride Tipton