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    Chapter 3

    Before Wes came, all of the pokemon that Jenny, Jesse, James and Rui were using were knocked out. All was lost for these four but Wes finally ran into the battle scene along with his Tyranitar, Umbreon and Espeon.

    He was about to shout out his next attack. But suddenly, a pair of tentacles shot out of the machine and laced around everyone, except Rui who barely dodged out of the way. The people and pokemon struggled to get themselves free but to no avail.

    Huh! Eight out of nine aint bad! the driver shouted. You can only watch your friends scream in pain, little girl. Then you can see this lovable machine toss them all out to sea!

    The tentacles began to squeeze the people and pokemon captured; soon they would be out of breath. Oh no you dont! Rui yelled as she took out a gigantic mallet she had in her bag.

    Hey! Where did she get that hammer from!? James said in a scared tone as he struggled to be free.
    Ive no idea, Wes replied as an anime sweatdrop appeared on his forehead.

    THIS IS FOR HURTING MY WES!! Rui yelled as she smashed her mallet on the tank, created a huge dent in it.
    No! cried the driver. Not my beautiful machine!

    The tank began to malfunction and the tentacles began to loosen up, releasing Wes and the others. Thanks, Rui, Wes said as he landed on his feet. Some of his comrades werent so lucky as they fell on their faces or lower back.

    Now, Wes said. Where was I?

    The driver began to panic as he knew that Wes about to order another attack. Umbreon! Wes shouted. Use Confuse Ray!
    What!? the driver yelled.

    Umbreons eyes glowed a hint of purple at the tank and the grunts eyes became swirly as he became confused.

    Now, Espeon! Wes shouted. Zap Cannon!

    Espeon leapt into the air and charged up his electric powers. After he became completely charged, he shot out a small ball of electricity. The move connected and the inside of the tank began to malfunction.

    No! Shes gonna blow, yelled the grunt. He quickly made his escape as he jumped out of the tank. He landed on his feet and attempted to make a run for it. Officer Jenny and the others were about to give chase but to their distraction, the machine exploded. The force made everyone fall down as they lost balance.

    After the explosion, everyone picked themselves up. Wes helped Rui up to her feet. You must be the craziest girl Ive ever met, Wes said in a caring tone. Thank you.
    No need, Rui need as tears of joy came out of her eyes. Youre safe, thats the most rewarding part.

    Wes showed a small blush upon hearing that. Rui had a look of realisation on her face as she took out the necklace she bought earlier.

    Wes, I bought a gift for you, she said as she showed him his gift.
    For me? Wes asked as he gazed at the beautiful necklace.
    Yeah. If you wear it, itll bring you good luck, Rui replied while blushing.

    Oh no! Officer Jenny said, not knowing that she was disturbing the moment. That Team Dark crook has gotten away. The least we can do now is find him.
    Theres no need for that! yelled a familiar voice.

    There was a huge earthquake that made everyone lose their balance again. Rui dropped the necklace in the process. It turned out that the Team Dark grunt was back, accompanied by a huge robot.

    The robot was the same size as Wess Tyranitar, it had arms and legs built in along with different kinds of weaponry. The grunt began to laugh evilly as he held a remote control. You destroyed one of my precious creations, he snarled. Now you all will pay!

    He pressed various buttons to control the robot as it leapt into the air. Rui was about to pick up the necklace that she had dropped, not knowing that the robot was about to land on her. Seeing this, Wes desperately tackled Rui out of harms way. But the necklace wasnt so lucky as the robot landed right on top of it, crushing it into little pieces, much to Ruis shock.

    Wes quickly got back up. That wasnt very nice! he said. Picking on a girl like that!

    The grunt wasted no time as he took control of the robot as it ran towards Wes and attempted to punch him but missed as Wes dodged out of the way, taking Rui along with him.

    Tyranitar! Wes yelled. Stomp attack!

    Tyranitar jumped and landed on top of the robot, knocking him down. The robot easily shoved Tyranitar off its back. Good, that grunt is distracted, Wes said as he placed Rui at a safe distance. Stay here, Rui.

    He ran off to continue battling while Rui looked at the destroyed necklace with sadness. Wess necklace she said as tears formed in her eyes. Wes wont be lucky without this

    Suddenly, She had a fiery look in her eyes. That robots gonna get it now, she said angrily.

    Back at the battle, Tyranitar was being held down by the grunts robot. You see! the grunt taunted. Your pokemon is no match for this robot!
    Well see about that, Wes replied. Tyranitar! Try to fight back!

    Tyranitar struggled to get himself back up using his great strength. As he got to his feet, he shoved the robot away. Not bad, the grunt said. Lets see if you can cause a dent.
    With pleasure! shouted an angry yet girly voice.

    Rui held up a mallet, which was much bigger than the one she held before, while everyone was staring at her direction. Think you can smash Wess things and get away with it!? she yelled as she leapt into the air. She slammed her onto the robots head, much to everyones awe, with Jesse and James being the most scared.

    The robot, without the head, had its hands out as though it became blind. Still angry at the robot, Rui continued to smash the robot to pieces.

    I have to get out of here, the grunt said in a nervous tone. As he turned round, Rui was suddenly there in front of him and she gave him an angry look, much to his surprise. How did you get here so fast? he asked in a scared tone.

    She didnt answer as she raised her gigantic mallet. Dont do it! the grunt yelled cowardly. But Rui didnt listen as she slammed her weapon onto him, causing a huge explosion upon impact.

    Everyones eyes became widened with shock and concern at the nearby explosion, with Wes being the most concerned. Rui! he cried as he ran into the smoke of the explosion, his pokemon were about to follow him but Jenny stopped them.

    It took a while for Wes to get Rui out of the smoke. They were both coughing as Wes was carrying the exhausted Rui on his arms and laid her on the floor. Ruis eyesight became blurry as Wes whispered to her, Hold on, Rui hold on.

    Her eyes slowly closed upon hearing that.

    A little later, Rui and Wes were sitting on the beach, alone together. They were both admiring the setting sun as they sat close to each other. Its beautiful isnt it? Rui asked.
    Not as beautiful as you, Wes replied.

    Rui looked at Wess smiling face and blushed. I love you, Wes.
    I love you too, Wes replied.

    Their faces began closing in with closed eyes. They were about to kiss, when suddenly


    Plusle leapt in front of Ruis face as she quickly opened her eyes. She found out that she was in a familiar room as she was wearing a small purple tank top and her mini skirt. She also noticed that the nurse was sitting next to her. It all turned out to be a dream.

    Well, it looks like sleeping beautys awake, the nurse said.
    Where am I? Rui asked.
    Youre back at the pokemon center. Wes and the others brought you back here after you passed out.
    Wes! Is he okay!?
    Yes, but he went over to the beach a short while ago.

    Jenny came into the room to check on Rui. Ah, Rui, she said with a smile. Youre awake.
    What is it, Officer Jenny? Rui asked in a down tone.
    I just need to tell you that the man you beaten up was actually a robot, so no worries there. Also, the other police officers came round to look for the base. They found it and arrested the other grunts. My theory is that the robotic grunt was actually the general of that base, without him the other grunts didnt stand a chance. Now its up to Black Jack and the others to deal with the rest.
    Thats great, Rui said, still in a sad tone.
    Whats wrong? Jenny asked curiously.
    Plusle? Plusle asked, also curious.
    Ive bought Wes a necklace today, Rui explained. I was told that it would bring him good luck if he wears it.
    You dont need to count on a piece of jewellery to have good luck, Jenny replied. Wes is a strong trainer. Besides, with you around him, I guess hell always have good luck.

    Rui looked up to her teammate and smiled. Thanks, officer Jenny, she replied.

    On the beach, not far from the pokemon center, Wes was admiring the sunset, along with his pokemon. Ruis right, he said. This beach is a great place to relax.

    He placed his hand in his pocket, took an object out of his pocket and looked at it with a smile. It turned out that it was the broken necklace, which was now fixed.

    In a dark room, a shadowy was viewing Wes on one of his screens while placing his finger on his chin. Too bad I lost a base, he said. But perhaps I can have them as my advantage and to my amusement.

    Next episode: Black Jacks team arrive at a camp full of homeless people and gets captured by Team Dark. How will the team and the hopeless get out of that predicament?
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