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Posted October 30th, 2016
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So, I've been looking up Majespecter/Magician deck online, Y'know, 'cuz I want to win for once and most of them had one Dragonpulse Magician, and 2-3 Magical Abductors. Do you think that it would be a good replacement for Dragonpulse? I'm not sure, because then I wouldn't be able to Pendulum Summon Majespecter Raccoon, who is level 3.
Magical Abductor is a tricky card due to the fact that you have to make a optimal build that can utilize it's effect, otherwise, it's not really going to be the best card to have.
A couple of spell cards that can go well with Magical Abductor could be, igknight reload, Brilliant fusion, Upstart goblin, Painful decision, Instant fusion, Pendulum rising, Summoner's art (It can be used to add Dragonpit Magician), terraforming - Sky Iris , pendulum call & other common spells, Like raigeki etc.

But the reason why I don't use Magical Abductor in my pendulum decks is simply because there isn't a great way to search for it. Meaning you would have to make a pendulum deck that has a ton of spell cards & then rely on drawing Magical Abductor for it's effect to be useful. Considering that most decks can & will remove Magical Abductor from your side of the field on their next turn.