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I am pretty much clueless as to how to code in asm, but by looking at the day and night held item evolutions and some trial and error, I managed to remove the day/night check for a any time held item evolution. It's pretty useless if you have day/night in your hack, but if you're like me and hacking firered without adding a clock, it has its uses. Anyways, here it is:

.align 2
.global dayevoitemhold

push {r0-r7}
ldr r5, time
ldrb r5, [r5, #0x0]
cmp r5, #0x73
beq exit
cmp r5, #0x73
beq exit
add r0, r6, r7
lsl r0, r0, #0x3
add r0, r2, r0
add r3, r0, r3
ldrh r2, [r3, #0x2]
mov r0, r8
mov r1, #0xC
bl decrypt
mov r11, r0
pop {r0-r7}
mov r1, r11
cmp r1, r2
bne exit
mov r1, #0xC
mov r0, r8
bl encrypt
pop {r0-r7}
mov r9, r3
pop {r0-r7}
mov r1, r9
ldr r0, levelcheckloc
bx r0
push {r0-r7}
ldr r2, decryptpoke
bx r2
push {r0-r7}
ldr r2, blank
ldr r5, encryptpoke
bx r5
pop {r0-r7}
ldr r0, noevo
bx r0

levelcheckloc: .word 0x0804310D
noevo: .word 0x08043111
time: .word 0x03005542
blank: .word 0x020242A2
decryptpoke: .word 0x0803FBE9
encryptpoke: .word 0x0804037D
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