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    Episode 4: Pick on the weak

    Chapter 1:

    It was a cold dark night in an oasis. A lot of people in rugged clothing were living in patched-up tents; a lot of poor pokemon were there as well. Suddenly, a bunch of men in Team Dark uniform came round and knocked them about with metal rods and their unleashed pokemon.

    How many times have we told you before, you freaks! yelled one of the Team dark grunts. This is our territory! Now get lost!
    B-but cried one of the poor people nervously. Where will we

    Before he could say another word, he was knocked out by another Team Dark grunt in the face with the metal rod.

    Not our problem, he replied. You guys better listen or else!

    Two shadowy figures were standing on top of a tree branch, spying on them. One of them was six-foot ten and the other was five-foot ten. How brave of you Team Dark punks, the taller figure said out loud, catching their attention. Picking on the weak.

    They picked out their pokeballs and tossed them out.

    Mightyena, go!
    Getm, Feraligatr!

    The two pokemon popped out of their pokeballs and yelled out their battle cries.

    Mightyena! Take Down attack!

    Mightyena leapt into the air and tackled a bunch of Team Dark grunts in one attack.

    Feraligatr! Hydro Pump!

    Feraligatr breathed in heavily and then let out a big jet of water spray out of his mouth and shoved the other bunch away.

    The large figure spotted one of the grunts taking out a gun. He jumped down and landed on the grunts back. He grabbed the gun that the grunt had dropped and broke it into pieces with his hands. All of the grunts immediately recognised him as the one and only, Black Jack.

    Yknow, there are quicker ways to get to heaven, Black Jack said. Or somewhere else.

    The other figure climbed down to the bottom of the tree. That man was none other than Isaac Wolfpack. He spotted a metal rod that one of the grunts had dropped and picked it up.

    If you guys want to fight, why dont you fight us instead? he asked as he motioned them to fight.

    We gotta warn the boss about this, said one of the grunts. The other grunts nodded in agreement and ran off. Black Jack jumped off the grunt that he landed on. He quickly grabbed him by the back of his jacket and smiled at his face nastily while the grunt startled.

    Why did you pick on those people? Black Jack asked.
    Well, er the grunt started nervously. They were in our territory and we had to get them to move away from here.
    Oh really? Tell your boss that he should let these people stay wherever they want. Also, tell him that he can catch me whenever he wants because Im sick and tired of looking for him!

    Black Jack forcefully shoved the grunt away from him and picked up another metal rod. The grunt saw this as an opportunity to make a run for it. Now get back home, you punk! Your moms waiting for you! Black Jack snarled angrily as he chucked the metal rod at him, missing him on purpose.

    You shouldnt have let him go, Black Jack, Isaac said. He couldve told us where his base is.
    I bet my boot that he wouldnt say anything, Black Jack replied. Upon saying that, Meowth, Max and May ran into the scene.

    Long time, no see, Black Jack said.
    Meowth stopped as he tried to get some air back. How can I keep up wiv yous guys?

    Before anyone can answer, the trio realised that the poor people and pokemon were staring at them. Some of them were scared of them; some of them were suspicious of them.

    I guess these guys could do with a little help, Black Jack said.
    Good idea, Isaac replied. At least well have some company for tonights rest.
    Wot? Meowth cried. We cant share our

    Black Jack grabbed him and covered his mouth to shut him up. Shut your Meowth! he snarled.

    Elsewhere, a man in a suit was sitting at his desk, talking to another man but in a lab coat.

    So that is what the boss wants you to do, Dr. Lawson, said the man in the suit. The grunts have informed me of their location. They are just outside our base.
    Message received and understood, Lawson replied.
    I hope youre aware about the bosss feelings towards failure.
    I am aware of that, dear sir, but I hear that he does worse when hes in a good mood.

    Back at the location of the homeless, Isaac was nursing the sick and injured people while Meowth and Max were comforting the pokemon. Black Jack wasnt doing much as he sat alone. May carried two opened cans of baked beans and offered one of them to him.

    Thanks, kid, Black Jack said as he accepted her offer.

    May sat down next to him and they both looked at the stars and a small moment silence came between them.

    So Black Jack started breaking the silence. Ive been wondering, Ketchum told me that you prefer taking part in pokemon contests rather than leagues. What made you come here to this place, knowing that its a rough one and that it doesnt hold any?

    Well, you know a little bit about me, Black Jack, May started. I had some adventures with Ash. Ever since he left to take a break from his journey, I felt kind of bored without him. When weve bumped into each other and you mentioned that you and Ash are going on a new adventure, I figured that it would be fun to team up with you guys.

    I know that tone, Black Jack said. You used to like him, didnt you?
    May became slightly shocked and blushed slightly at what he said. How did you know? she said.
    Lets just say that nothing can be hidden away from me, Black Jack replied with a small smile.

    May let out a small sigh. Yeah, May said as she looked down on the grassy floor. But ever since I noticed how close Ash and Misty were I decided to let him go cos I want him to be happy Mistys also a good friend of mine, so I want her to be happy as well. I came here to help them out so they can be there for each other

    She looked at the stars again. If only Ive met him first, she said in a down tone.

    Listen, Black Jack said. Ketchums a tough kid. I noticed that he took a couple of hits, but that never stopped him doing anything, so theres no need to worry about him.

    May let out a small sigh in response and Black Jack placed his hand on her shoulder. Dont worry, he said putting on a small smile. Youll find someone someday.

    Suddenly, helicopters were hovering over the entire camp. Isaac angrily stood up. Hey! Some of us are trying to get to sleep, you insensitive jerks! he shouted.

    Small cans were chucked out of the helicopters. Oh no! Black Jack said. This doesnt look good.

    He quickly grabbed May and tried to make a run for it as some foggy gases came out of the cans. They became surrounded by the gas and fainted as they breathed in. The others also fell asleep.

    As soon as the gas faded away, the helicopters landed and several Team Dark grunts came out of them. One of them took out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it.

    Task accomplished, sir, he said.
    Good, replied a familiar voice. Ill send out a truck for our guinea pigs. People and pokemon alike.
    Yes sir.
    A little word of warning make sure Black Jack doesnt escape. I have a little job for him later.
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