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    Here's a game that I came up with in about ten minutes, so bear with me. It might not be any good... lol. I'm going to call it Pokemon Letter Locator. There are a few rules to this, so pay close attention. First off, the game starts with the name of a Pokemon. I'll choose our starting name later. Anyway, here's an example name for us to start with:


    Now, here are the rules:

    1. Take the last two letters from the Pokemon's name. (In this case, those letters will be "es").
    2. Try to come up with the name of another Pokemon that has those letters in its name. You will be awarded points based upon where the letters are and how they are oriented in the new Pokemon's name. There are three possibilities you can choose from:
    ---a. The letters are in the same order, are together, and are the first two letters of new Pokemon's name.
    ------Ex: Espeon
    ------Point Value: 10 points
    ---b. The letters are in the same order, are together, and are located somewhere other than at the beginning of the new Pokemon's name.
    ------Ex: Ninetales, Forretress
    ------Point Value: 5 points
    ---c. The letters are separated from one another, but both are somewhere in the new Pokemon's name.
    ------Ex: Swellow, Bellossom
    ------Point Value: 1 point
    3. To prevent endless loops, you may not use any Pokemon listed in the five entries just before your current post.
    4. If someone beats you to an answer, you don't get credit for yours. You'll just have to try again on the current Pokemon instead.
    5. Keep track of your own points and list them along with your answer. Try to post them just after your answer. If we keep things consistent, we'll be able to read our answers better. If someone beats you to your answer, be sure to go back and edit your post, fixing your score. No cheating, now!
    6. Spelling counts in this game. You'd better make sure you spell your Pokemon's name right, because if you don't, it's possible you won't be posting a correct answer!
    7. Good luck and have fun!

    8. I forgot to mention this. If we reach a point in the game where the letters we're searching for aren't in a Pokemon name we can use, the game has ended. Whoever has the most points when (and if) that happens wins!

    Now then, as the first contestant, I don't get any points, so you'll notice that I've set my points to 0. I'll start the game with the name of my favorite Pokemon:


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