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    well, here goes.
    Kevin sat; the only human in the room now; in the cage with the female griffin. He looked at her wondrously; which was amazing that he could even think inquisitively; especially at a time like this. He began to wonder, Are they all that golden color? How do they fly? Can they have magic?

    He read once that beasts, such as bears and such, could be calmed with a voice. So he began to talk. My name is Kevin.

    This surprised Abby, for the boy had been quite for hours, stuck in the cage, but even more surprised because no one (that she could remember) had ever told her anything in such a kind tone.

    I am sorry that you are hungry; this I cannot cure. Unless you eat me, that is. She winced at his statement; did he really think that she would eat him? But I notice you have a broken wing. He said, pointing at Abbys wing.

    It does hurt, she thought.

    The walking stick I have can be used as a splint. I can use some of my robe to tie it to your wing. I have healed pigeons; I imagine this will be like a bigger one. May I do so?

    Abby did nothing. There was a long silence. Then, slowly, Kevin got up, and moved toward Abby.

    But Abby, although she understood this perfectly, still held very little trust in this new human. She snapped her beak angrily. Kevin got the message and sat back down.

    I suppose you didnt understand any of that, did you? he asked. Ah well. I must say you are unlike any griffin I have ever seen.

    Abby still stared at the new boy.

    At first I thought you were just another griffin, but then I though, why would they keep you here? This looks like a testing facility to me. Then I noticed something when you looked at me.

    Abby tilted her head slightly in wonder.

    Your eyes. They were so full of intelligence and glowing with curiosity. Yet, they seemed to be covered in a fog of weariness. I could see through though. It almost seemed like like you were Human.

    When the clock struck twelve, Abby suddenly got up and stretched her wings; which reached from tip to tip of the cage. Kevin now saw that they were cut so she could not fly.

    But even so, she began to flap her wings. She flapped and flapped and flapped until she suddenly folded her wings back into herself. Then she lowered her head and turned to a wall of the glass cage.

    Letting out a loud squawk that almost broke Kevins eardrums, she suddenly charged the glass; letting her entire body slam against it. She backed up and tried again. She did so again and again until she didnt have the energy to continue, and flopped on the floor.

    It then hit Kevin. She tries to escape every day at twelve exactly.

    You see? he said. The will to survive is a human characteristic. You see, when you cage a lion, it slowly loses the will to live. Humans, throughout there lives, will try to escape.

    Abby may have replied right then, but she was too tired. And when he, once again, approached her, she didnt even click her beak.

    He came closer and began to split her wing. The people Abby knew, the evil ones, would bandage her loudly, very hard, and with no care how they did it, if at all. This boy was talking in a calming voice, carefully putting the splint on, and did it very well. Her respect for the boy went up a few notches.

    He finished. There. It is done. I also see you have a few bruises would you mind if I applied a healing spell?

    Abby made no attempt to move. Besides the comfort of a boy who seemed to be kind, she was mentally scared.

    Kevin said a few words in Elvin, and suddenly Abby felt better. She stood up, totally revived. She found herself liking the new boy.

    There, he said. Is that better? I suppose you are still hungry; but I can do nothing. I wish I could help.

    You have done more for me than any other human I have ever met.

    Well, it was no he suddenly stopped, realizing who was just talking. You you just you can

    Talk, answered the griffin with a giggle. It seemed to be a normal 14 year old girls voice trapped in a rather large griffin body.

    A large smile spread across Kevins face after the shock had passed. I knew it! Perhaps now we can escape.

    What? replied Abby.

    You physical strength, combined with my magic, and I bet we can break this glass. He said, tapping the window. But lets wait a while while your wing gets better. I am Kevin Godspeed. Do you have a name?

    Yes, of coarse. Although I dont know my last name, they call me Abby.

    Next part: escape from the lab!
    Ahh, how things change.
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