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    Kevins eyes opened in surprise and his eyes, although kind began to dart around her face.

    Is something wrong? asked Abby.

    It makes sense. I I thought it was a metaphor!

    Umm what are you talking about? asked Abby.

    She can fly, my wonderful girl, she can fly! That is what my father said on the device! He was a breeder, he was a Wizard, you can talk, your name is AbbyTwin!

    As Abby looked on with an odd face, and Kevin began to dance around. He did it very oddly and she watched as he twirled and danced in complete joy. And he was laughing as he did. It was a long time since he had laughed.

    And for no reason in particular, she joined in the laughing. She laughed at seeing such joy. She felt such happiness flow through her as never before as she looked at the small human express such joy as she never knew.

    Youre my sister! he exclaimed suddenly/

    What?! she asked, and suddenly stopped laughing.

    You see and he told her his whole story, form beginning to end. They sat down. When Kevin told her the part when there parents died, she looked sad. When he told her the part where he found out he had a sister, her eyes too brightened. After he told her that, he said, So you see, my; no, no our father created you! An intelligent griffin!

    So, in that small cube, with no one watching, they both began to danced and laughed until they could no longer even stand. They both were missing a family, and now they both had one. Abby began to cry after the dancing.

    What? What is it? asked Kevin.

    II always wanted a family. I always sat here and thought what it would be like to have a mom and a dad and I dont have those, but I always dreamed of having a little brother.

    Little? said Kevin, whipping away the rather large tears with a peace of cloth. Young sister, I am five minutes older than you.


    We are twins, he said happily.

    She now began to cry harder, but a cry of unbelievably joy to find a friend and find family in this horrible world.

    He hugged her, which was hard to do, across her neck.. She rubbed his back with her beak in a most griffin like manner.

    Now, he began, If you can handle it, Id like to be out of this place for dinner.

    She chuckled at his crude joke and faced the glass wall.

    Do you think you could hit it, maybe three times? Hard as you can. I can take the rest.

    She nodded and ran and slammed against the wall. Then she backed up, and did it once more. She backed up, but did not charge, because she heard footsteps.

    It was, of all people, Jordan. So, he said, Kevin, thank you for your assistance.


    You see, as you probably figured out, we want to do studies on how your father got this creature intelligent. We want animals solders to do the same. But, we had no proof that she was intelligent when she stopped talking. So, we brought you in, by laying the necessary clues, and you came. You got her to talk, and thats all we need. We no longer are in need of your service. Thank you.

    You tricked me? asked Kevin, quietly.

    Yes. What are you going to do about it?

    Me? I cant get out of here. But she can.

    What? asked Jordan.

    Kevin nodded at Abby who ran towards the wall only to run right through it. It was a difficult bit of work for Kevin, who had very little training, and nearly drained him all of his energy. But the look of Jordans face when he saw a griffin who towered over him mad it worth it.

    Jordan ran. Quickly, Abby ran to the cage and opened it. Kevin jumped out with a weak Thank you.

    Are you alright? she asked, a bit concerned.

    Getting you through the wall was a bit much for me he said as he slowly sank to the floor.

    She threw her newfound brother on her back, and, with a last ear piercing screech, flew towards the exit at full speed. The stair would barely hold her now, but it did, fortunately. She carried him far away from the evil place and laid him down in a large valley. She made her best attempt at a fire, but failed at doing so, and as the night grew cold, she lay next to the cold, weakened Kevin with one wing over him. She immediately fell asleep.

    End of Part 1: Escape from the Evil Place

    The two became very close, and while Abby built her strength back up, Kevin trained to the best of his abilities to become a great mage. They strength would be called upon, one more time, when the Red Blood Army would march again, two years later.

    Part 2: A flood of blood

    What did you think of part 1? Did u like it? Please, i if i can imrove, tell me!
    Ahh, how things change.
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