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    Username - KidCarter93
    Game - Ultimate
    Additonal Rules - Randomized TMs & Field Items
    Party Pokemon can't share primary typing.

    Gonna be starting off with White version as it's been a while since I played it last :P

    Update #1 - Let's start a new adventure

    My starter choices were , &
    Chose Heatran and named it Hellraiser
    Bianca had Swablu which got bopped by Ancientpower
    Cheren had Dwebble which also got bopped by Ancientpower
    Route 1 caught a lv3 Rotom called Casper
    Route 2 came across a lv4 Ledian but killed it with a crit as I was weakening it
    On Route 2, I faced Bianca with a lv6 Wingull and a lv7 Klink
    Picked up a Vileplume called Petunia from the gift Pokemon in Dreamyard
    Beat Cheren in the Trainer School with his lv8 Vulpix and lv8 Pidove

    Gym #1 Striaton City - Cress - Lv12 Surskit beat by Casper's Thundershocks
    Lv14 Gastly beat by Hellraiser's Ancientpowers
    Got given TM83 which turned out to be Leaf Tornado

    Dreamyard came across a lv10 Jolteon called Bolt
    Beat Cheren on Route 3 with his lv14 Gastly and lv14 Tynamo
    Route 3 came across a lv10 Lucario called Anubis
    Wellspring Cave came across a lv10 Misdreavus called Peeves
    Pinwheel Forest came across a lv15 Victini but accidentally killed it

    Gym #2 Nacrene City - Lenora - Lv18 Spinda beat by Anubis's Force Palm
    Lv20 Swadloon beat by Hellraiser's Fire Fang
    Got given TM67 which turned out to be Weather Ball

    Team at the end of the 1st update - Lv18 (Anubis)
    Lv18 (Hellraiser)
    Lv18 (Casper)
    Lv18 (Petunia)

    PC Pokemon - Lv10 (Peeves)
    Lv18 (Bolt)
    Completed Challenges - Fire Red Randomized Nuzlocke - Final Update

    Soul Silver Randomized Nuzlocke up next
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