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    There is a saying that circumstances make man, so the environment makes the animals. It is so true all life on Earth are adapted to live in different ecosystems habitats. Like us they had adapt to an ever-changing planet or become part of the fossil record that are etched deeply on the Earths face. Pokon are one good example.

    Many things have changed the last time we saw our hero, Ash Ketchum. James and Jessie had fallen in love but when Ash informed the authorities, thwarting their Pokon-stealing plans, a gunfight ensued, killing Jessie in the process. As a result, James has become vengeful freak and has sworn to kill Ash. Above all, Ash enrolled into the Psy Academy where psychic people and normal people learn how to use 100% of their brains using Psychic Pokon!. Gary Oak, Ashs old rival, however was not able to get to the second year due to some reasons that he did not understand. Feeling that he had been treated unfairly, he left the Psy Academy

    On a secret island surrounded by naturally salted waters, two helicopters arrived breaking the silence of tranquility. The mechanical monsters winds caused the smaller Pokon nearby to scurry away and the bigger ones awaking and mooing in hunger. As the two helicopters landed, rope ladders sprung out followed by a few humans.

    These people were wearing the same uniform bearing a T and a mirrored Rs. So they were from the notorious Team Rocket! They had changed their old symbol. Although most of the members were in uniform but there were others in neatly ironed laboratory suits.

    They went to look at the situation of the bovid Pokon, Tauros and Miltank. They and their calves were famished, as they had been cut off from their supply of fresh greens for two weeks.

    This island was one of the many places that have been assigned as Pokon breeding grounds by Team Rocket. These breeding grounds ensure that Team Rocket will have a steady supply of Pokon warriors to fuel their arsenal. Just 3 weeks ago, there was overpopulation of Tauros and Miltank. As a result, nearly half of the area that was once covered in grass has nearly been stripped clean. Obviously, the predators they assigned on the island were unable to maintain their prey numbers well. In order to save the available pastures, they put up electrical fencing to stop these bovids from doing any more destruction until they find a better solution.

    Then a mobile phone rang with one of the scientists answering it. Alright kid, we have arrived on the island. The scientist, Dr. Namba, spoke. Hows the situation there, Dr. Namba? And please stop calling me a kid! I know just as much as you do. asked a teenager on the phone. Sorryerr., the situation is close to critical! Many of the Tauros and Miltank calves have become scavenger food. ****. Alright Prof. Namba! As soon the metal containers hit the ground, deactivate the electrical fencing!

    The scientist turned his head toward the glowing fencing, which had bolts of electricity radiating from pole to pole. The other scientists were pressing remote controls and deactivating the fencings, turning the cyan hues of lights from the electricity into darkness.

    Boom! the two metal containers had touched the islands soil. As soon as the fencings were removed, a Tauros and Miltank stampede occurred. They munched hungrily on the grasses.

    Meanwhile at a newly built Team Rocket base, the mysterious teenager pressed several key activating a satellite transmission. The 6 meter x 8 meter computer screen flickered and showed the images of the two metal containers on the island. They needed that teenagers voice to activate the boxes. The teenager spoke into the microphones Crocodylus!. Mantidae! The computer answered, Acknowledged! Opening Containers 1 and 2!

    Back on the island as the two helicopters and the people left the island, the two containers sprung open with 8 Feraligatrs, crocodile Pokon, and 14 Scythers, mantis Pokon, chasing after the herds of Tauros and Miltanks. They hunted down their prey and ate them hungrily, channeling proteins and nutrients to enrich their bodies for future use. These new predators were all pregnant! With plenty of around, all these new kids will only have worry about to guarding their eggs from which their young will emerge. This island has become their new home.

    Meanwhile, 16 yr old Ash Ketchum had returned after his training with the Psy Academy. His dark blue cloak danced in the wind as the teenager skateboarded. His Pikachu was clinging on his back. Suddenly, Ash heard someone calling him causing him to stop.

    Ash Ketchum, you must hurry to Indigo Plateau! Huh! Ash exclaimed puzzlingly and asked, Who are you? I am Mewtwo! My Future Sight has shown me that Team Rocket is about to siege Indigo Plateau. You must hurry. The voice rang again. Ash removed his hood that was covering his head. Team Rocket has caused enough trouble for the last time!

    Meanwhile the competitors on the arena in the Pokemon League fought with their Pokon, oblivious to the danger in stall for them. All of a sudden, a Pokalls with the Team Rocket emblem made its way into the arena. With a flash of bright light, a Cacnea emerged.

    The referee thought that the two trainers were playing foul until the Cacnea actually used Pin Missile to ward the trainers off. Then he realized that this Pokon belong to neither of the two trainers. The referee and the two trainers made a quick exit. Simultaneously, a dark figure appeared.

    He He it was none other than James, a Team Rocket member who had been fighting with Ash for a long time. Put your hands over your head! ordered a policeman. I beg to differ..! James replied. An orange energy ball, which transformed into the shape of a fighting man, appeared at his leg. James then kicked the policeman. The kick was so strong that the policeman was flung onto a wall 11 feet away, killing him instantly. Simultaneously, the wall with the policeman crumbled down. All this happened in a fraction of a microsecond. I have a bone to pick with the police so I will not surrender. James roared with a vengeance. If I pick a bone, I would use it to hit you instead, yelled Ash as he stormed into the arena with a skateboarding somersault.

    When James saw Ash, the scenes of the poignant past overcame him, with anger and insanity. Ash Ketchum!!? Raorrrrr! Jessie!!! James howled in sorrow and hatred. After recovering from a relapse of insanity, James ordered Cacnea to battle it out with Ash. The spectators cheered for Ash, only to be silenced by the abrupt arrival of other Team Rocket members and their Super Clone Pokon. Ash sent out Tauros to battle the rodent. The bull charged at Cacnea at great speed. Then the Cacnea was flung aside from the direct impact from Tauross heavily built skull. Hyper Beam attack! Ash commanded.

    Cacnea was unable to battle after the Hyper Beam. Dont rejoice too early, twerp. James reminded with a sinister grin. Suddenly James threw a wine bottle on the floor! It was a liquid that contained pieces of meat! Cacnea then used the Ingrain attack that causes a Grass-type Pokon to extend its ground roots to drill into the ground or extend its cottony aerial roots and absorb nutrients to heal injuries. Since the arena was concrete, it seemed that Cacnea could only rely on its aerial roots so its total healing speed was slowed down. But Ash was wrong; the grounds root did not go for the ground this time, it went for the meaty liquid that James had provided. As Cacneas roots extended from its mouth, its cottony aerial roots and ground roots did their job well as the two types of roots collected the water vapour in the air and the meaty liquids, restoring Cacneas health.

    Ash was taken aback and commanded Tauros to fire its Hyper Beam again. Tauros needed time to charge up the beam and this gave Cacnea a window of opportunity to turn the tables! Suddenly, 17 balls of energy faded from oblivion and revolved around Cacnea. The balls colors changed constantly according to the colors of the spectrum until it stopped at reddish orange. At once the balls transformed into a shape of men. Cacnea then waved its claw ordering the energy men to pose go into Shaolin martial art positions.

    My Pokon have gone thorough intense training in the wild and they are much stronger than normal Pokon. James s******ed. Finally, Tauross Hyper Beam blasted out from the bulls mouth. In response to the attack, James ordered, Hidden Power! Cacnea waved its claw to propel the energy men forward, breaking up the Hyper Beam. But Hidden Power does more than just breaking up beams, this attack can also cause damage to the opponent. The Pokon element of this unique but powerful attack depended very much on luck. For Example, one instance the attacks element is Grass-type and on other it could be Fire-type.etc!

    This time it was Fighting-type. As the energy men hit Tauros, it executed Fighting-type moves of the Shaolin martial arts. So Tauros being a Normal-type was weak against Fighting-type moves. Tauros fainted after getting a taste of the Mantis Fist, Crane Fist, Eagle Claw.etc

    Despite losing this round, Ash wasnt about to give in to Team Rocket anyway. I dont care! Your unorthodox methods can never win over the friendship between a Pokon and its trainer. Croconaw! I choose you! Ash sent out his Croconaw, a crocodile Pokon.

    The huge bipedal crocodile charged at Cacnea which tried to attack using Needle Arm. Then the cactus was whacked by the crocodiles tail. Croconaw Dynamicpunch ! The reptile aimed its fist at Cacnea. Then, the cactus was uprooted 3 feet into the air and landed on the floor with a loud crash. Cacnea return! James got Cacnea back into its Pokall. Seviper, come out to avenge your mistress! James released a Seviper from its Pokall.

    This Seviper belonged to Jessie, Jamess dead fianc. The rattlesnake now had the features of Super clone Pokon. The rattlesnake opened up its infrared sensor pits on its snout, and hissed with a vengeance. It fired out a rain of toxic needles like a machine gun on Ash who evaded it. Typhlosion I choose you!! Ash called out his Typhlosion, a fire-breathing monotreme. Flames jutted out from its neck. Seviper opened its mouth and flashed out its 20cm long venomous fangs.

    Seviper was about sink these fangs into Typhlosion. But then the monotremes breath turned into a ball of flames. Fire Spin attack Ash called out. Seviper was hit head on like a car accident victim; its head was scorched with third degree burns. Lets see how strong is your friendship! Thinking that James was taking out another Pokon, Ash commanded Pikachu to get into the battlefield.

    He was wrong. James seized the opportunity to throw a black ring at the mustelid. Pikachu!! Ash cried out. Ha ha!! Lets see if your friend still obeys you. Go Pikachu and destroy Ash Ketchum!! James laughed gleefully.

    Pikachu turned around to face his master, purged of emotions. There was a scent of evil around him too. The black ring was a mind-controlling device! Now allow me to give you a taste of your own medicine. Pikachu, Thunderbolt! Ash yelled in pain as his body was engulfed by electricity and slumped down on his knees.

    Suddenly, there was a disturbance not in the Force but in the air. The Super Clone Pokon and their Team Rocket trainers were lifted up in the air. Mewtwo was nearby, using his Psychic powers from afar, allowing the innocent spectators to evacuate the stadium. Ash was weakened by the electrical attacks from Pikachu. Do it again! James commanded Pikachu. Pikachu blasted another jolt of lightning but it was reflected off a barrier that appeared in front of Ash. It was Ashs Xatu, a Psychic bird Pokon. Xatu accompanied Ash during the days of the Psy Academy. After recovering from the shocks, Ash went forward to battle with James, personally with fists while a mind controlled Pikachu fought against Xatu.

    Because Xatu was a Flying-type Pokon, it was weak to electric-types like Pikachu! But Xatu was faster than Pikachu since it could teleport from one spot to another. Xatu planned to keep dodging Pikachus attacks to wear the mustelid out.

    Other than just using his brains effectively, Ash also joined martial arts club at the Psy Academy thus picking up some kung fu along the way. Thus, Ash fought with James who was able to dodge off any attack from Ash by leaping at astronomical heights and executing moves at astronomical speed and power. The forces of good and evil clashed continuously. You will pay for Jessies life!! James roared. As long as you are evil, you cant win. The forces of good will destroy your evil sooner or later. Ash scolded back. Unexpectedly, James kicked Ash, sending him crashing towards a wall with a loud bang. Ash tried to stand up properly with a bleeding mouth Now lets see if the power of good is helping you.

    James charged at Ash at a speed no man had ever reached and was about to tackle him with a powerful blow. Suddenly, a thunderbolt stopped him in his tracks. It was Pikachu and it was exhausted from the earlier battle with Xatu which took the opportunity to smash the mind-control ring to pieces.

    Put your hands over your head! the policemen chorused. More policemen had arrived. Get this in your head, twerp! This is only the beginning As James soared into the air while the policemen and their Growlithes fired bullets and balls of flames continuously but none of them hit the flying man. In the intervening time, a mysterious man hid in a dark corner calling a number. James, meet me at the decimated Viridian City Gym. An evil, malicious smile appeared on his face.
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