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    Ash had broken his left arm from the fight. His mother as usual, was at his side in the hospital. Ash, why didnt you inform me that you are coming back? You should at least give me a call! Ashs mother screamed at his son. Sorry mom, I.., suddenly Prof. Oak came into the ward. His clothes were charred. Delia, Pallet Town has been bombed. What! Oh the middle age woman fainted.

    Next morning, the news on TV was frightening. Pallet Town, Ashs home, had turned from a peaceful town to a war-torn land. Meanwhile Ash sadly rested in the ward, unable to save his Town. Pikachu, I am sorry, I was unable to save our home.

    Meanwhile, James came out from the shadows of a dark room and into the sunlight shining from a window. Sir, I have bombed James was about to report to his supervisor when the mysterious man threw fistful of ice at James who evaded the attack. It was no hailstone. It was a Pokon attack called Ice Punch! James, you idiot! How could you bomb Pallet Town! You could have killed my grandfather in the process! The mysterious man turned around, it was Gary Oak, Ashs childhood rival and the dropout from the Psy Academy!

    James, I knew that Ash Ketchum got your fianc killed but you shouldnt be too impatient by bombing his home! Gary scolded James. Jessie wont rest in peace unless the twerp is destroyed!! James argued back, plucking his cyan hair, his condition had relapsed again. Garys anger dissipated and he comforted James. Alright, alright stop it! Gary coaxed him. James immediately took out his medicine for his insanity and swallowed it. Calmness came back to him once again.

    James, this time I let you off. But next time you do anything, make sure you discuss it with me. Gary warned. By the way, Sir, I want to know why Prof. Oak is so important? James asked. The old mans brain cells are packed with Pokon data. We could use a scientist like him.

    What if he doesnt cooperate? James asked curiously. Thats alright. Our scientists have invented a Brain Hacker machine. It alters a persons or Pokons mind so he/she will become loyal to Team Rocket. Simultaneously, his knowledge is undamaged. It is very similar to brain washing. Gary then had an idea, It would take a few weeks for Ash to recover fully. So I need you, James, to create panic in Pewter City.

    Yes Sir..! I wont fail you again! James replied obediently.

    For weeks the people of Pallet Town helped to restore their home. The town folks, Prof. Oak and the Government helped one another. Ash could help much because of his arm but he gave his town mates mental support.

    They got their town back in one piece after weeks of hard work. Ash also recovered from his injury.

    Meanwhile at the Ketchum residence, Mom, I want to go to Ash was about to ask his mother when she interrupted him. Young man, you may go anywhere on one condition: MAKE SURE YOU DONT GET HURT AGAIN!! I DONT HAVE SO MUCH MONEY TO FOOT THE MEDICAL BILLS! Gentle reminders turned into blaring screams.

    Ashy Boy a crooning voice was heard at the window. Ash shivered because it was none other than Casey, a girl whom he met during his adventures in the Johto region. She used to be a baseball fan but now, the fourteen-year-old girl had developed a huge crush on the handsome teenager!

    Mrs. Ketchum was about to open the door when Ash stopped her. Mom!! Please dont open the door to her! I promise I will take care of myself from now on!! Please!! Oh come on she is not a Growlithe. She wont bite. Mrs Ketchum assured. Casey made a flying kiss to a petrified Ash who sprinted for his bedroom as his mother opened the door to Casey.

    Young Man, Please be polite to our guest here. Mrs Ketchum knocked the door of Ashs room. Ash thought, How I wished I knew the Withdraw Attack. Pikachu sensed his masters thoughts; Casey was here. Then a brainwave struck Ash. Then a few minutes later when Mrs Ketchum unlocked Ashs room but the boy had disappeared!! He had jumped out of his bedroom window to escape. Owww!! Thats was quite a plana painful one too. Ash had some spikes of his mothers cactus in his buttocks.

    Ash called up his mother on his cell phone. She raved at his insolence to Casey earlier on. Ash explained himself about all her harassing from until. two hands covered Ashs eyes. Casey!? Please behave yourself! Ash moaned. Let's see red hair and a bike debt, who does it remind you of? the girl spoke. It was Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader, who followed Ash Ketchum in his adventures from Pallet Town to the Johto regions. She certainly had matured and grown prettier than before.

    The two teenagers sat down at a nearby caffor a drink. Are you ok, Ash!! You look sick. She asked. Thanks to Casey, shes got a crush on me!! Ash whined. Oh Ash, you are such a nerd. Misty remarked as she sipped her soda from her cup. What do you mean?! Ash blurted out after choking on his soft drink. It means that you know nothing about love! Misty replied. Please, the only love I know is motherly love from my mom, ok Ash argued. Excuse me!! I need to get home. Ash left abruptly as he did not want to talk about it. A few minutes after he left, Casey!! Misty called out to the fourteen-year-old girl. The girls chatted with laughter. A few seats away, Gary wearing a hood over his head, smiled maliciously.

    Ash was on the way back home when Pika!! Pikachu jumped out of its Pokall. Pikachu!!? Ash exclaimed Pikachu. Pikachus ears were twitching; a sign that something was wrong. When Ash looked up he saw smoke billowing over Pewter City nearby. It was a sign that evil schemes have been put to action! Ash quickly contacted Prof. Oak to withdraw and deposit some of his Pokon.

    Meanwhile outside Pewter City Gym, Steelix!! No!! shouted the Pewter City Gym leader, Brock. His Steelix just lost a battle to Meowth, a Pokon partner of James and Jessie. He was the only known Pokon that could speak human language. Do think that Team Rocket will always be beaten so easily. Team Rocket is blasting off no more! Meowth spoke. The feline had undergone intense training. As a result, his power, defense and speed had increased tremendously. Forretress, Rollout attack! Brock sent out his Forretress, a clam shaped insect, to fight Meowth. I think not!! Meowth sent it flying with a Headbutt attack. Well done, old friend. James walked in with triumph. I think I have won more than just a badge. James snickered.

    Bye! James leaped into the air and was about to execute his kick of death on Brock. Suddenly a barrier appeared in front of Brock blocking Jamess attack. Ash and Xatu had arrived just in time to stop him. Brave but foolish!! James remarked. Well see! Ash replied. He unleashed all of his Pokon, Pikachu, Croconaw, Xatu, Swellow, Sceptile, and ordered them to attack Meowth. Brock, on the other hand, went to call for help. Meowth used all of his attacks he knew: Headbutt, Crunch, Fury Swipes and the deadly Hyper Beam. Ashs Pokon were defeated and injured.

    Ashs mind was sandwiched between the battle with James and his injured Pokon. In a moments folly, James pushed Ash to the ground and was about to use that super kick on him. Suddenly, a young girl tried to defend Ash and got kicked instead. It was Casey! Her limp body was sent flying to the wall of the gym. No!! Ash cried out as Casey fell to the ground unconscious. Now you understand how it feels to lose the one you loved. James spoke Whats the use of joining Team Rocket, James? Ash asked. Has it given you anything throughout your life.

    James answered proudly, We were once people who were being despised and bullied upon just because we were not as good as the normal people. We flunked our exams, lost every Pokon battle, born mentally and physically deformed. The world is bent on wiping us out by depriving us of opportunities to prove ourselves. Team Rocket is here to show that we are winners too! We are going to change this terrible world into the perfect world where no one will be left behind just because they are weak or different.

    James continued, Take me for example, Twerp! I was a failure in my studies despite going into the best Pokon School. I was so stressed out that I ran away from home. Jessie too was spitted out by society too. We had no friends except each other and old Meowth. YOU, Ash Ketchum caused my fiancs death.

    Two years ago, before Ash graduated from the Psy Academy. James proposed to Jessie and she agreed. So James decided to steal a rare Pokon to their boss in exchange for a salary raise to buy a wedding gift to her. Ash however discovered Jamess plan and thwarted it by calling the cops. James and Jessie fought with the cops with all their artillery, which was normally used for stealing Pokon.

    Jessie was killed during the gunfire between themselves and the police. James on the other hand went insane and was sent to an asylum but Team Rocket rescued him out and helped him regain most of his sanity.

    Suddenly, Ash and all his Pokon were energized by a wave of energy from within. The world doesnt need to change but you do!! Ash roared. Miraculously, his body was glowing white. With renewed strength and vigor, Ash Ketchum fought with James again. This time he was a lot faster and stronger.

    With that new power, Ashs Pokon concentrated their attacks on Meowth. Unable to take their blow of the attacks, Meowth was blown away by the force of the combined attacks.

    Ash was now as powerful as James Ash punched Jamess abdomen repeatedly until he was sent flying towards the ceiling and crashing down again. James had broken every bone in his body as a result. With his final breath, James warned Ash Twerp!! Just.. you wait! Team Rocket will take.. over the world..!! Meowth struggled to stand up. You have killed my friend, I shall destroy you all when Iraooorrrr!!! Meowth was filled with rage when suddenly Meowth's twin canines became one and a half times as long as before. His purr turned into a snarl of a puma. Meowth evolved into a shorthaired Persian, a short-haired species of the longhaired Persian cat.

    However, Meowth had been injured before evolution so he could not fight. I shall return. Winds became stronger than ever as a beam of red light sucked up Meowth into a Pokall held by a Team Rocket minion on a helicopter. When the winds stop, there was death silence.
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