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    In amidst the darkness of the night, Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, walked over to Jamess coffin in a deserted field. His underlings were silent as all the Team Rocket members paused for James, who was misunderstood for being incompetent but he had shown what true loyalty really was

    The mourning was brief yet solemn as Jamess coffin descended into the heart of the earth where he shall rest for eternity, beside his fiances grave. Giovanni for the first time admired James for his courage and the way he stood up against his oppressors. To think that he was the most incompetent Team Rocket member! Yet he held on firmly to Team Rocket beliefs. James, I have misjudged you. Giovanni thought. He was a good apprentice. said another voice. It was Gary. Now only I can stop Ash. Gary continued. I believed that you knew Ash Ketchum well, right? Giovanni asked. Far from just knowing, sir!! We were enemies right from the start!! Gary replied.

    Before Gary could leave, Giovanni stopped him. Hold your horses there, Gary. I cant afford to lose you in a time like this. I would like you to stand down for the moment and impart those skills to a group of Team Rocket rookies. Gary took the list of trainees from his boss.

    Those skills, unleashing your brains full potential and literally borrowing Pokmon attacks are a vital asset to the Team, Gary. We need more people with that knowledge around so just in case if you were to fall like James. We can still make use of it. Do you understand? Gary pondered for a while and answered, I get you, sir. So in that case, Ill make a move now.

    As Gary walked out of Giovannis office, his footsteps echoed across a marbled hallway leading to the exit. Simultaneously, a teenage girl about fifteen years old was trotting on the same hallway. In a moments folly, Gary stepped on her toes. Ouch! Watch where youre steppin!

    Gary was somehow made to pause and stare blankly at the girl whose spaghetti trap blouse has one string falling off, revealing her smooth, silky right shoulder but he awoke immediately. A slap was about to come at Gary but the teenage boy evaded the attack, saving him from getting half a red face. If youre a man, dont dodge my slap! She yelled. Gary was 2 meters away from the girl and answered Ha! If I am a man, why should I listen to you? By the way, you should have worn more clothes, you are lucky that I am no pervert.

    Youyou are not a pervert but you are a molester! the girl scolded in her high-pitched voice. Hey! I am wearing gloves here. It doesnt count! Gary taunted Grrrrr ! the girl took out a stick the length of a ruler and it extended to a length of 1.5 metres. It had a harpoon on one end. She leaped at Gary and tried to slash him.

    Gary however evaded her relentless attacks by moving his body in bizarre ways that no human acrobat has ever tried or achieved. As a final blow, she threw her weapon at Gary. However he dodged at the fast weapon by bending his legs at an angle of 90 with his body lying down flat in mid-air! As the harpoon flew over, Gary borrowed his Pokmons attack and disappeared on the spot.

    Like a child, she stamped her feet in frustration.

    Meanwhile at the hospital, Casey was lying unconscious on the bed. Ash meanwhile sat near her feeling sorry for her, his fists were clenched with guilt. The girl suddenly came to. Oww.. She groaned. Careful.. I just want to say I am sorry. Casey actually defended Ash on her own accord and spoke Ash, I forgive Suddenly a rock hard fist interrupted their conversation. It was Caseys father. Ash blocked the mans punch with his palm. Then a second one went for his belly. The pain from the punch was far beyond what Ash could tolerate; he slumped down on the floor. How dare you get my daughter into this state! the enraged man roared. Ash quickly ran out before the man could bash him to death.

    Caseys father followed Ash, grabbed him and tried to punch him again. Ash countered his fist with the same palm he used just now. Ash explained, Mr. Buzz, please calm down, I didnt do it. Dad! It wasnt Ash who wounded me. Casey explained. Mr. Buzzs grip on Ash loosened slowly. Among all the people I have met, you are the first person to be able to block my punches. Mr. Ding commended. Suddenly Ash heard Mr Psy, his teacher, calling him telepathically.

    Excuse me, I got something to attend to. Ash walked away.

    Outside the hospital, Ash followed his feelings and soon saw his lecturer, Mr. Psy on a rock. Ash just who is that man whom you just fought earlier? Mr. Psy asked. Who? James?! Well as far as my memory goes, he is the lowest ranking member of Team Rocket. He and his accomplice, Jessie, have been harassing Pikachu and me for nearly 4 years now. Ash replied. I see, you do know him. said Mr. Psy. And he was the very same guy who stole a rare and valuable Pokmon in Saffron City a year ago, remember, Mr. Psy. Ash continued.

    Then whats the problem, sir? Ash asked. I have noticed the way how James fought with you, Ash, and I surprised by the fact that he was able to defeat you so easily in the first attempt. Well, I underestimated his power at first so I lost to him. But whats up with him? Ash asked. Mr. Psy answered As a Psychokinetic person, I was able to see that he was using nearly 100% of his brain without using any psychic Pokmon! How did he do it?? I am not sure. Ash was puzzled but he knew that Jamess Cacnea was a clue to the mystery. But who would teach James how to use 100% of ones brains? Could there be a traitor in the Psy Academy? The academy is not a country that you pledge loyalty to, Ash. So whether there are traitors or loyal subjects in the school, it does not really matter. Mr. Psy suggested

    It doesnt? Ash exclaimed, But what if the traitor is so evil that he or she is using their brains full potential to do evil? You have a point there. Using 100% of your brains can help a person to remember better, calculate better and blah, blah, blah! But whether that person is using it for good or evil, will depend very much on him. We are powerless against a persons will.

    So we have contact our seniors, the fresh graduates as well and perhaps the dropouts and question them. Suggested Ash. No, thats not a good idea, if we question them openly like that, even if the traitor is there. He or she will not admit their misdeeds. It will only make matters worse. Mr. Psy added.

    Meanwhile in the depth of the night, Mrs Ketchum was waiting impatiently for her son. That boy is going to be the death of me. She grumbled and waited impatiently. A mysterious figure smiled maliciously as he focused his night vision binoculars on Ashs house. Cicadas chirped and click beetles clicked in the rhythm. Shirrrpp! a strange chirp was heard. Mrs Ketchum got the creeps and started to tremble. All of a sudden, a shadow shattered the windows and knocked Mrs Ketchum off her feet. A cloaked figure emerged from her behind. It was a cicada Pokmon, Ninjask. Simultaneously another Pokmon, a Shedinja, appeared from the fog. Shedinjas were discarded exoskeletons of Ninjasks during their molting stage.

    The insects flashed out their sharp proboscises, preparing to suck out Mrs Ketchums blood. The woman took her broom and hit the cicadas. It hit Ninjasks head, causing the cicada to squeal in pain. Shedinja on the other hand, was a ghost type so the spade just when right through its body. The ghost Pokmon pierced its proboscis into the womans neck. Mrs Ketchum struggled frantically and finally she was too weak to move. Then the Ninjask finished her off with a Fury Cutter attack.

    Misfortunes never come singly. First was the devastating news of Mrs. Ketchums death. Next, Ash was now a murder suspect as several witnesses had claimed that they had seen Ash that night. Ash was pent up with anger and sorrow, the questioning from the authorities made it worse. Every time you asked the same question and I will forever give you the same answer. I didnt kill my mother! Ash shouted and banged the table with his fist. The policemen however seemed certain that Ash was the murderer and persistently asked him, depriving him of food and water for hours.

    May I cut in? said a familiar voice. Mr. Psy! Ash exclaimed. Edward, if you misbehave again just like you did ten years ago, I will arrest you. the sergeant warned sternly. Suddenly, an invisible tight grip held the sergeants neck firmly. If you can pressurize my apprentice to desperation, I can drive you bonkers, Raye. The sergeant gasped after being released from the wrath of the Psychokinetic man I can testify for my apprentices innocence. I was with him outside the Pewter City Hospital, teaching him something new when his mother was murdered.

    The sergeant purposely wanted to make things difficult. Suddenly, a telephone rang. Sergeant Raye went to answer it. What? I see. After hanging up the phone, Sergeant Raye spoke, The analysis is finished. You have been proven innocent! Ash stood up and asked Sergeant Raye How did my mother die?

    Sergeant Raye answered Sigh! There were specks of hair and pieces of insect exoskeletons on your mothers body. The DNA analysis revealed that these belong to the cicada Pokmon, Ninjask and Shedinja. These Pokemon probably attacked and killed her.

    Ashs house was now cloaked in loneliness even with Pikachu and Xatu by his side. Ash, are you alright? Casey asked Ash from the window still. Get out, parasite! Ash uttered. What did you said? Casey asked between the sobs. I said get out you parasite! Casey was fuming mad and said Fine!! If you dont care anymore then neither do I, hmp!!! Ash wanted to apologize but his anger and sorrow held him down. Suddenly, Professor Oak knocked at the door. Ash sensed his mentors presence and opened the door to him. The two men, young and old, talked for hours. It was never easy for anyone to lose a loved one; especially the only relative in the world. Like a spring of water running down a parched throat, Prof. Oaks words slowly enlightened Ash.

    Meanwhile at Saffron City Gym, home of the Psy Academy, a junior disciple, John Stag, was leaving the clan for good. Staggy, well miss you after your departure. Why cant you stay? asked Sandra, a junior disciple of the Psy Academy. I have my reasons, SanDra but I dont wish to tell. In that case, lets respect his decisions. John, may the Future Sight guide your way.. Sabrina and her clan bid their fellow friend farewell.

    Meanwhile Casey was crying and running into the wilderness because of Ashs harsh words. How could he said that?! Casey cried, hugging her knees. Casey suddenly heard something Someone was comforting her with assuring words. Casey asked the mysterious voice Who are you? Out of the blue, a strong hand grabbed her and took her away. Evil laughter echoed across the field muffling Caseys cries for help.

    Later, Ash who had just snapped out his self-pity and went to look for Casey. Casey!! Please come out! I, pant! , am really sorry! Please come out, Casey. At first the field was silent. Ash felt that something was amiss. Ash Ketchum, you are such a lady-killer! said a mysterious voice. Who are you? asked Ash. One must pay for ones actions. I want you to meet me at 6:00 pm at the haunted tower in Lavender Town. Bring only yourself, Ash Ketchum! Make sure no ones with you! Fwa ha ha!

    As quickly as possible, Ash took the train set for Lavender Town. Ash looked the setting sun with guilt. He regretted that he had told off Casey like that earlier. His watch ticked silently inducing more nervousness to set in. Next Stop: Saffron City! an announcement interrupted his thoughts. As Ash was thinking, someone was reading his thoughts.
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